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wei ling xian 威靈仙   (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國譯成英文

Today's Applications: Today's Applications:

1. for treating acute hepatitis with jaundice

Case 1: wei ling xian 9 g make into fine powder, 1 chicken egg, mixed. Make scrambled egg. Take 3 times a day for 3 consecutive days. Avoid beef, pork and sour or spicy food. Result: 15 patients. Healed: 14 patients.[1]

Case 2: wei ling xian 15 g, gan cao 15 g. Make into decoction. Take one dose prescription a day. Result: 35 patients. Healed: 22 patients, Effective: 7 patients. Better: 5 patients. [2]

2. for treating calculus in the urinary tract

(therapy method to be loaded)

3. for treating calculus in the gall bladder

wei ling xian 30 to 60 g. Make into 2 decoctions. Result: 120 patients. Total effectiveness: 87%.

It was especially effective for the mud- and sand-like kind of calculus. Among the 120 patients, 26 were with mud-  and sand- like kind of calculus, and 23 were clinically healed and 3 were better. The rate of being healed was 88.5% and total effectiveness was 100%. [4]

4. for treating tonsillitis

(therapy method to be loaded)

5. for treating bones lodged in the throat

wei ling xian 30 g, can be used with or add the following herb bai zhi 3 g, wu mei 5 g, gan cao 4 g. Make into thick decoction. Can be used with table vinegar. Swallow slowly, for half hour to one hour. One or two prescription a day.

Result: 104 patients. Got rid of fish bone: 90 patients. Effectiveness: 87.6%.[6]



威靈仙 30 ~ 60 克。水煎分二次服。每天一劑。

效果﹕120 病例。總有效率﹕87%。

此方對泥沙樣膽結石尤其有效。120病例﹐ 26 例為泥沙樣結石﹔ 23例痊癒﹔3例較好。治癒率為88.5%。總有效率為100%。



 威靈仙60∼90g,金錢草 50∼60g。每日1劑,煎服。(《上海中醫藥雜志》1983;(5):30)



威靈仙 30 克。或加 白芷 3 克烏梅 5克, 甘草 4 克 。



如服藥四劑無效,應結合異物種類、梗阻部位,考慮採用手術取出,以免貽誤病情 。(中華本草)

註:白 芷烏梅甘草 之用量是編者個人之意見。應随証加减。


6. for treating the inflammation of the mammary glands

(therapy method to be loaded)

7. for treating the inflammation of the glands of children

(therapy method to be loaded)

8. for treating bone spurs

wei ling xian 30 g,  ku shen 10 g, chuan shan jia 10 g, xiang fu zi 10 g, tou gu cao  10 g. One prescription a day. Boil with water and make into 2 servings. Add water to the residue and boil down to 800 c.c. and use it for steaming, washing or soaking for 30 minutes. Or use the above prescription to make into powder. Take 10 to 20 g a day and soak the powder in boiling water. Make into 2 servings. A period of 10 days is one treatment cycle. Rest for 5 days between treatment periods. Treat for 1 to 4 periods.

Total 369 cases of bones spurs were treated. Result: 128 healed; 112 became better; 7 cases had no effect.  Total effectiveness 98.1%.[9]

威靈仙 30 克﹐苦 參 10 克﹐穿山 甲 10 克﹐香 附子10克﹐ 透骨草10 克。

水煎。分二次服。藥渣加水再煎。洗患處。每日30 分鐘。

也可以製成粉劑。每日用10~20 克。泡入沸水內。作 二次服。十日為一療程。

休息五日。1~5 療程。

療效﹕369 病例。128 例痊癒。112有進步。7 例無效。總有效率為98.1%。

蒲秀山,中國骨傷,1992,5 (6) 32


9. for treating hemorrhoids

wei ling xian 60 g, fang feng 60 g. Make into decoction for washing affected part.

Editor's Note: Do not overdose or use for long time

Pharmaceutical name:


Radix Clematidis

Biological name:


Clematis chinensis Osbeck (威靈仙)

Clematis terniflora DC. var. mandshurica (Rupr.) Ohwi (東北鐵線蓮)

Clematis hexapetala Pall., (綿團鐵線蓮, 黑薇, 山蓼.)

Clematis uhcinata Champ. (柱果鐵線蓮)

Clematis manshurica Rupr. (東北鐵線蓮)

Pron. in Japanese:



Pron. in Korean:



Pron. in Cantonese


wai1 leng4 sin1

Common Name:



Other Names:



tie pi wei ling xian 鐵皮威靈仙﹐shan mu tong 山木通﹐ling xian 靈仙, tie jiao wei ling xian 鐵腳威靈仙。



Clematis uhcinata Champ. ex being used in Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangx provinces of China.

Clematis hexapetala Pall. is being used in northeastern provinces, northern provinces, and Shandong Jiangxu provinces.

Clematis manshurica Rupr is being used in northeastern provinces.

柱果鐵線蓮 又名老虎師藤,使用於廣東、廣西、貴州、四川、福建、浙江、江西。

山蓼 又名綿團鐵線蓮、黑薇。使用於東北、華北、山東、江蘇。


Properties (characteristics):性味:

acrid, salty, warm, slightly bitter, mildly toxic.

味辛咸, 微苦, 溫﹐有小毒.

Channels (meridians) entered:


bladder, liver


Actions & Indications:


for rheumatoid arthritis, gouts, pain in the lower back and limbs, strokes, headaches, rids of phlegm, promotes urination, helps

menses, for treatment of deeply lodged fish bones in the throat, tonsillitis, tetanus, and beriberi.

風濕,痛風,腰膝四肢疼痛,中風,頭風,, 消痰涎 , 利尿 , 通 經 , 魚骨鯁

喉 , 扁 桃 體 炎 , 破傷風 , 腳氣 。

Medical Function:


1. increases bile secretion and relaxes the muscles of the bile tract.

2. anti-malaria

3. lowers blood pressure

4. promotes urination

5. relieves pain.


  1. 增進膽汁分泌與使膽管的肌肉放鬆。

  2. 抗瘧疾

  3. 降血壓

  4. 利尿

  5. 止痛

Chemical Ingredients:


Clematis manshurica: 東北鐵線蓮:
isoferulic acid 異阿魏酸
clematoside A,  B, C 鐵線蓮甙 A,B,C
3,4-dimethoxycinnamic acid 3,4-二甲氧基桂皮酸
3-O-acetyloleanolic acid 3-O-乙酰齊墩果酸
D-mannitol D-甘露醇
daucos-terol 胡蘿卜甙
β-sitosterol  β-谷甾醇
Root contains: 根中含:
minecoside 米內甙
catalpol 梓醇
6-O-veratrylcatalpolester 6-O-藜蘆基梓醇酯
aucubin 桃葉珊瑚甙
6-deoxy-8-isofer-uloylharpagide 6-去氧-8-異阿魏酸哈帕甙
β-sitosteryl3-O-D-glucoside β-谷甾醇-3-O-D-葡萄糖甙
campesteryl3-O-D-glucoside 菜油甾醇3-O-D-葡萄糖甙
β-sitosterol β-谷甾醇
campesterol 菜油甾醇
stigmasterol 豆甾醇
mannitol 甘露醇
Seeds contain: 種子含
palmitic acid 棕櫚酸
stearic acid 硬脂酸
oleic acid 油酸
linoleic acid 亞油酸
Clematis chinensis:: 威靈仙:
anemonol 白頭翁腦
protoanemonin 原白頭翁腦,原白頭翁素,原銀蓮花素
prosapogenine 次皂苷元
aristolochic acid 馬兜鈴酸



6 - 12 g
Commonly Used formulae:


see the modern application above.
Modern Research: to be loaded


Not to be used in cases of qixu (qi deficient) and blood deficient or during pregnancy.

Large dosages and/or long term usage can be toxic to kidneys.



[n] for bibliography consult Research Librarian

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