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da huang mu dan tang 大黄牡丹湯


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Name of Formula: da huang mu dan tang 《source: Jin Gui Yao Lue 》




Composition: da huang 12 g,mu dan pi 3 g,tao ren 9 g,dong gua ren 30 g,mang xiao 9 g


Add about 1800 cc of water simmer all herb except mang xiao. Render to 300 cc is left. Strain and discard the spent herb. . Add mang xiao to the decoction and bring to boil. Use as tea. If there is puss it will come out in with the stool. If there is no puss, blood may show up with the stool.


Adjustment to the formula:



藥方名:大黃牡丹湯 《方源:金櫃要畧 》  




大黃  12 g,牡丹皮 3 g,桃仁 9 g,冬瓜仁 30 g,芒硝 9 g。上五味,以水六升,煮取一升,去滓,入芒硝﹔再煎沸,頓服之。有膿當下,如無膿當下血。



如腹痛且高熱較嚴重者,可加川 蓮12克。
如病位已成膿但不潰爛者,則加蒲公英15克, 敗醬草15克。
如右下腹部出現腫塊者,可加赤芍12 克,沒 藥10 克,川 芎12 克。

氣滯腹脹者,可加烏 藥12 克,木 香 12克。

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