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qi stagnation 氣滯 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

 by Joe Hing Kwok Chu     按此看中文


  1. heaviness and distention in chest ,

  2. distention feeling or lump in the abdomen, abdomen, dislikes pressing,

  3. irritable,

  4. dry bound stool,

  5. rough skin and nails,

  6. dry mouth,

  7. dark red tongue possibly with purple speckles,

  8. purple lips,

  9. amenorrhea or pain during menses,

  10. color of blood of menses is dark with pieces,

  11. purple tongue or with purple marks,

  12. deep stringy pulse.

Usually qi stagnation (qizhi) also results in blood stasis .

Also see liver qi stagnation.



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  1. 胸脅脹悶﹐走 竄疼痛﹐

  2. 胁下痞刺 痛拒按

  3. 性情急躁

  4. 便硬﹐

  5. 皮膚指甲﹐趾甲粗糙﹐

  6. 口乾

  7. 舌絳﹐有時帶有紫班﹐

  8. 嘴唇紫色

  9. 經閉或經痛

  10. 月經顏色紫暗,有血塊,

  11. 舌紫暗或有紫斑,

  12. 脉弦澀

氣滯常 有血淤。




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