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Common Terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

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  1. biao xie 表邪

  2. biao xu (external deficient) 表虚

  3. blood deficient 血虛  

  4. blood heat 血熱

  5. blood stasis  血淤

  6. cun 同身寸

  7. damp cold 寒濕

  8. damp-heat  濕 熱

  9. damp phlegm with qi and blood stasis 痰濕氣滞血瘀

  10. damp phlegm and qi stagnation 痰濕氣滯

  11. fang cun bī  方寸匕

  12. fei qi deficient  肺氣虛

  13. feng han (wind cold type syndrome)   風寒癥狀

  14. feng re (wind heat type syndrome)  風熱癥狀

  15. feng tan (wind-phlegm) syndrome 風痰症狀

  16. gall bladder channel heat 膽 經實熱

  17. gan feng nei dong 肝風內動

  18. gan qi yu jie  肝氣鬱結

  19. gan shen yin xu (liver-kidney yin deficient) 肝腎陰虚

  20. gan huo shang yan   肝火上炎

  21. gan wang pixu 肝旺脾虛

  22. gan xu 肝 虛

  23. gan yang shang kang 肝陽上亢

  24. gong xue bing 功血 病

  25. gu zheng lao re  骨蒸勞 熱

  26. han tan (cold phlegm) 寒痰

  27. heat in large intestine 大腸燥熱

  28. jue leng 厥冷

  29. ke ni shang qi 咳逆上氣

  30. liu yin 六淫

  31. liver fire ascending 肝火上炎

  32. liver qi stagnation 肝氣鬱結

  33. liver-kidney yin deficient  肝 腎陰虚

  34. liver yang ascending  肝 陽上亢

  35. liver and spleen inharmony  肝脾失和

  36. lung qi deficient   肺氣虛

  37. ming men lacks fire 命門火虛

  38. pixu (spleen deficient)  脾虛

  39. piyangxu 脾陽虛 (脾胃 虛寒)

  40. qizi (qi stagnation) 氣滯

  41. qixu (qi deficient)   氣虛

  42. rč jī (heat retention) 熱

  43. re jue 熱 厥

  44. releasing Exterior   解表

  45. ruan jian san jie 軟堅散結

  46. san jiao (triple burner / three warmer)  三焦

  47. shenxu (kidney deficient) 腎虛

  48. shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient) 腎陽虛

  49. shenyinxu (kidney yin deficient)  腎陰虛

  50. shi re  (damp heat)濕 熱

  51. strong heat 實熱

  52. tan shi (phlegm dampness) 痰濕

  53. wind cold type syndrome (feng han)  風寒癥狀

  54. wind heat type syndrome (feng re)  風熱癥狀

  55. xinqixu (heart qi deficient) 心氣虛

  56. xinyangxu (heart yang deficient) 心陽虛

  57. xu huo, Deficient Fire 虛火

  58. xue bi 血痺

  59. xue han, coldness in blood  血寒

  60. xue ku 血枯

  61. xue lin 血淋

  62. xue re (heat in blood) 血熱

  63. xue xu (blood deficient) 血虛

  64. xue yu (blood stasis) 血淤

  65. xue zao 血燥

  66. yangxu (yang deficient)  陽虛

  67. yin yang both deficient 陰陽兩虛

  68. yinxu (yin deficient)  陰虛

  69. yinxu with fire  陰虚火旺

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