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Improving White Cell Count 增加白血球


Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu    


(in English and Chinese 中英文)


Formula: gui pi tang with liu wei di huang wan


Uses: for improving white cell count, digestion, to correct anemia, to improve qi and circulation, to calm the mind, chronic back pain, lack of strength in knees an legs, losing hair, bad gum and teeth, irregular menses, ringing the ears, red face, hot body, prefer cool, uneasiness, dry and cracked lips, dark red tongue with yellow fur, or even with cracks, or black and with spurs.




ren shen 6 g, bai zhu 6 g, fu ling 6 g, huang qi 6 g, dang gui 9 g, suan zao ren 6 g, long yan rou 12 g, yuan zhi 6 g ,zhi gan cao 6 g, da zao 12 g, mu xiang 6 g, sheng jiang 12 g, shu di huang 18 g,   shan zhu yu 12 g,  dan pi 9 g,  ze xie 9 g, shan yao 12 g.


Add 4 and a half rice bowl of water. Simmer to 90% of a bowl.

On 2nd boiling, add 4 rice bowl of water. Simmer to 80% of a bowl.


Use one hour before meal. Drink while warm.





白血球過少,思慮過多,心脾兩虛,氣血不足,見怔仲健忘,失眠,食少體瘦  , 面色黃,驚悸盜汗,或 脾虛不能攝血,致血妄行,及婦人月經不調,崩漏帶下,量多色淡, 血虛發熱, 脈細緩慢,頭部受傷等。

處 方 :

人參 6 克 ,白 朮 6 克,茯苓 6 克,黃 耆 6 克, 

當歸 9 克,酸棗仁 6 克,龍眼肉12 遠志 6 克, 

甘 草 6克,大棗 12 克,木 香 6 克,生姜12 克 , 熟地黃 18克﹐ 山 茱 萸 12克﹐丹皮 9 克﹐  澤瀉 9克﹐山藥15克  。




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