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zhi shi da huang tang 枳實大黃湯  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu  

zhi shi da huang tang (jing yue xin fang)

Application: for syndrome of rč jī (heat retention), undigested food in the stomach, constipation, fullness and lump in the stomach and pain; for promoting bowel movement.


qiang huo, 6 g. dang gui 4 g. zhi shi 2 g. da huang 12 g (put in and cook another 8 minutes)

Boil with 600 c.c. of water and render down to 400 c.c. Drink while the stomach is empty.

Stop using when the bowel movements return to normal.

Adjustment to the formula:

If stomachache is acute: add guang mu xiang 6 g



枳實大黃湯 (景岳新方)

主治﹕腹有食積,大便不通者。 飲食停積,痞脹作痛者,宜消導也。屬

組成﹕, 6 克. 當 歸 4 克. 枳實 2 克. 大黃  12 克 另包後下煮八分鐘. 水一鍾半, 煎八分. 食前空心溫服, 以利為度. 不可再服。

加減﹕腹痛甚加廣 木香 6克 。

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