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yin yang both deficient 陰陽兩虛


Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

朱興國編譯  (in English and Chinese 中英文)


Deficiency of both yin and yang:

  1. frail body,

  2. lack of energy,

  3. lazy to talk,

  4. fatigue,

  5. cold limbs,

  6. any slight movements will trigger heat and sweating,

  7. dizziness,

  8. palpitations,

  9. tinnitus,

  10. pale tongue and lack of saliva, with teeth mark or/and with bald spot on the tongue,

  11. fungal infection in the mouth cavity and tongue

  12. thin and rapid pulse,

  13. using warm herb can enhance yin deficient syndrome,

  14. using cold and bitter herb can enhance yang deficient   syndrome,

  15.  unable to tolerate the cold in winter, and the heat in summer

  16. symptoms are worse during change of seasons,

  17. syndromes are complex and can change readily


Usually the syndromes show up in late stage illnesses.
Both yin and yang deficiency syndromes often appear in infants with growth retardation and in accelerated aging seen in elderly people. If contacting other sickness, then it can be lingering and difficult to heal and the sickness can serious.


Distinguishing qi yin both deficient and yin yang both deficient:

  • Qi yin deficient does not show obvious coldness caused by yang deficient 

  • Yin yang both deficient shows hot and cold from the weak body.




  1. 形體贏弱,

  2. 精神萎頓,

  3. 少氣懶言,

  4. 倦怠乏力,

  5. 形寒肢冷,

  6. 稍動則發熱汗出,

  7. 心悸

  8. 目眩,

  9. 頭暈

  10. 耳鳴,

  11. 舌淡而少津,或有齒痕,或光剝,

  12. 口腔起霉,

  13. 脈微細而數,

  14. 服溫熱藥則陰虛症狀明顯,

  15. 服苦寒藥則陽虛症狀加甚,

  16. 冬天特別怕冷,夏天又特別怕熱,且易在春秋換季時病情加重。

  17. 症狀複雜而易變,且每見臟腑陰虛陽虛症狀。






  • 氣陰兩虛證沒有明顯的陽虛生寒的現象,

  • 陰陽兩虛證有虛寒虛熱的表現。


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