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 Cirrhosis of Liver, Herb Therapy (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu       按此看中文

Sclerosis of the liver causes the inability of the liver to process and metabolize the female hormone and it causes the imbalance of male and female hormone and  impotence.

Clinical symptoms include:

  1. exhaustion
  2. fatigue
  3. impotence
  4. loss of appetite
  5. nausea
  6. weakness
  7. weight loss ;  as the conditions become serious the follow may occur:
  8. Edema and ascites caused by the inability to make the protein albumin.
  9. Bruising and bleeding. caused by the inability or slowing down in production of the factors needed for blood clotting.  Bruises or bleeding occur easily.
  10. Jaundice caused by the inability to absorb enough bilirubin.
  11. Itching caused by  bile products deposited in the skin.
  12. Gallstones caused by the inability of the bile to reach the gallbladder.
  13. Toxins in the blood or brain  caused by the inability to remove toxins from the blood.. The toxins decrease mental function, like forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, changes in sleep habits and cause personality changes, and may cause coma, and even death.  
  14. Sensitivity to medication  caused by the inability to filter medications and toxins from the blood; so they act longer than normal and build up in the body and cause more sensitivity to drugs and their side effects.
  15. Portal hypertension caused by the inability to have the normal flow of blood through the portal vein, which increases the pressure inside it (portal hypertension) and causes spleen enlargement.
  16. Varices (varicose veins) caused by the inability of the portal vein to carry the normal amount of blood.  Blood from the intestines and spleen backs up into blood vessels in the stomach and esophagus and causes these blood vessels to be enlarged. and causes the wall and the blood vessels to become thin and carry high pressure,. Because of the high pressure and the thin walls, they are  likely to burst. If they burst, the result can be bleeding to death unless the patient gets  immediate medical attention.
  17. Kidney failure: the portal hypertension damages the kidney tubule.
  18. abdominal infection: the ascites can become infected with bacteria from the intestine.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)    

Formula #1

Name of Formula: Sheng Jiang San, with added ingredients 升降散加味

Uses: move qi and rid of stagnation. For cirrhosis of early stage and enlarged spleen.


chai hu 6 g, huang qin 10 g, jiang can 10 g, chan tui 6 g, jiang huang  6 g, da huang  1 g, shui hong hua zi 10 g, zhi bie jia 20 g, raw mu li 29 g, jiao shan zha 10 g, jiao mai ya 10 g, jiao shen qu 10 g.

Add 1200 cc of water. Simmer till 500 cc is left. Make into 3 servings. Drink while warm. Use 5 prescriptions a week. After 4 months, change into 3 prescriptions a week.

Formula #2

yin chen hao tang  《source: Jin Gui 》

For jaundice, fever with lack of appetite, constipation,

difficulty in urination. Can be used in cirrhosis of liver.



yin chen hao 22 g, da huang  12 g,  shan zhi zi 12 g.

Add 2 bowls of water. Simmer till 80% of a bowl is left.

Make into 2 servings. Drink while warm. 

See the anti-oxidation effect of yin chen hao tang

Formula #3


Name of Formula: xiao chai hu tang《source: Shang Han Lun 》

For liver qi stagnation. It is also used to prevent cancer of the liver.


chai hu 5 qian,  huang qin 3 qian,

dang shen 3 qian, ban xia 3 qian, zhi gan cao 2 qian,

sheng jiang 3 qian,  da zao 3 pieces slit open

Boil with water. Take as tea.

Note: qian = 3.75 grams (old measurement)

This formula has been used in certain cancer therapyincluding in APL. When you prescribe this, make sure your patients are not allergic to ban xia or chai hu and monitor your patients closely.

Formula #4: chai hu gui jiang tang with added ingredients  (Shang Han Lun)

Note: “sho saiko to” is Japanese pronunciation of xiao chai hu tang (小 柴胡湯) in pinyin Chinese.

Portal vein: a vein that conducts blood from the digestive organs, spleen, pancreas, and gallbladder to the liver.


Folk medicine:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes diagnostics, formula composition study and pharmacology, and tailoring the use of herbs to the individual patient.  Folk medicine, on the other hand, is a compilation of formulae used by the general public to treat certain conditions without reference to a complete system of medicine.

Selections of formulas:

Formula #1     (Folk medicine)

Chicken soup with American ginseng and Cordyceps Sinensis


American ginseng 12 g, dong chong xia cao  (Cordyceps Sinensis)10 g, fresh free range chicken 3 ~4 lbs (1.5 to 2 kg), ginger 3 slices, green onions 3 stems, water 1500 cc to 2000 cc.

Wash all ingredients. Put into a double boiler. Simmer with low heat so that the protein can be digested with the help of the enzyme from the fresh chicken. Simmer for about 8 hours.

Make into 2 servings. Use 2 prescriptions per week.

Formula #2

Sclerosis of Liver    (Folk medicine)

Live pond loaches 2 kg.

Put live pond loaches in clear water for one day to let them secrete all the waste.

Bake the pond loaches till dry. Grind into powder. Take 10 g each time, with warm boiled drinking water. Use three times a day. 15 days is a treatment cycle.

Four cycles is considered maximum.


Click to see a study on using live pond lLoaches.

Click to see qigong for therapy

Click to go back to impotence.

Electric acupuncture in conjunction with herb treatment showed that it helped to improvement platelet count dramatically compared to just using herb therapy only.

Links back to impotence:


shenxu (kidney channel deficiency) 腎虚陽萎


ming men lacks fire 命門火衰


heart and spleen (meridians) weakened from over work 勞損心脾


emotional injuries 情 绪損傷


damp heat settlement 濕熱下注


liver qi stagnation (depression) 肝氣鬱 結


Clot blood obstruction 血淤阻礙


shenyinxu (kidney yin deficiency) 腎陰虚


sclerosis of the liver    肝硬化


hypertension 血壓高


Prostate Enlargement 前列腺肥大

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處方﹕柴胡 6克﹐黃 芩10克 ﹐殭蠶10克 ﹐ 蟬 蛻 6克﹐

姜 黃 6克﹐大 黃 1克﹐水 紅花子10克﹐炙鱉 甲 20克﹐

牡蠣 29克﹐焦山 楂﹐焦麥 芽﹐焦神 麴各10克。

加水1200cc 煎至500cc﹐分三次溫服。每週用五劑。



茵陳蒿湯 《方 源:金櫃  》




茵陳六錢  ,大 黃 三錢山 梔 三錢。


註﹕一錢 = 3.75 克 (舊制)  


看茵陳蒿 湯之抗氧化作用的研究


小柴胡湯有 助預防肝硬化轉變成肝癌,

並提高存活 率。


柴胡 五錢﹐黃 芩 三錢﹐黨參 三錢﹐半 夏 三錢﹐炙甘草 二錢﹐生 薑 12克﹐大棗三枚劈開。


註﹕一錢 = 3.75 克 (舊制)


據病情虛﹐實﹐寒﹐熱的不同,分別擇用補氣養血﹐清肝 健脾﹐ 逐水清熱﹐利濕行氣﹐活血消瘀的中藥。


配合丹 參桃 仁木 通﹐三稜﹐鬱 金生 地黃阿 膠 等中藥辨證論治,對於改善肝硬化﹐減少腹水有一定的幫助。


注意﹕ 不可用關木通﹐因為關木通有毒。可致腎臟衰竭。

西 洋 參12克 ﹐ 冬 蟲 夏 草 10克﹐新鮮農家雞一公斤半至二公斤﹐

生薑三片﹐蔥三條﹐水1500cc ~ 2000 cc﹐放入燉盅。隔水慢火燉若八小時。


肝硬化 民間療法

處方﹕將活 泥 鳅 二公斤﹐放在清水中﹐養之一天﹐



每次10 克。用溫開水送服。15天為一療程。最長服四個療程。

看中文﹕電 針治肝硬化對血小板的影響



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