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San jiao (three burner / triple warmer) 三 焦


 by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu    ( in English and Chinese 中英文)


In TCM diagnostics, san jiao (three burners / triple warmer) refers to the internal parts of chest and abdomen area.

  1. Upper burner (shang jiao): above the diaphragm area, which includes lungs, heart, windpipes and bronchii.

  2. Middle burner (zhong jiao): from diaphragm to the navel area, which includes liver, gall bladder, spleen, and stomach.

  3. Lower burner (xia jiao): from navel below, in the abdomen area, which includes large and small intestines, bladder, kidney, uterus and ovaries.

This does not refer to san jiao channel (meridian), which is also called san jiao.


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三 焦﹕胸腹部 位 。


  1. 上焦﹕ 橫膈之上的胸腔部分,包 括  肺、心臟、氣管、支氣管等

  2. 中焦﹕ 橫膈之下到肚臍部分 ,包 括 肝、膽、脾、胃

  3. 下焦﹕ 肚臍以下的腹部,包 括大腸、小腸、膀胱、腎臟、子宮卵巢等

不是指 手少陽三焦經。


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