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Ding He Wan 定鶴丸  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

rong gui bai bu wan 茸桂百補丸


Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Name of Formula: rong gui bai bu wan

Other Name: Ding He Wan

Application: qixu (qi deficient), blood deficient , pixu (spleen deficient), tiredness, weakness in loin and knees, discomfort in muscles and bones,  yangxu (yang deficient), low immune system, low metabolism, weakness due to natural aging.


lu rong 2 parts, rou gui 3 parts, tu si zi 2 parts,  qi zi 2 parts, du zhong 2 parts, dang gui 2 parts, ba ji tian 2 parts, bai shao 2 parts, rou cong rong 2 parts﹐ shu di huang 5 parts, shan zhu yu 3 parts, bai zhu 3 parts (fry), fu shen 3 parts , niu xi 3 parts, ren shen 4 parts, zhi gan cao 1 parts.

Grind into powder and add refined honey to make into pills.

Take 3 g each time with salt water.

原方名茸 桂百補丸 <中國醫藥大辭典>

主治血 虛  氣虛脾 虛  ﹐ 神困體倦﹐腰膝酸軟﹐筋骨不舒﹐陽虛。 免役功能低下﹐代謝功能減弱﹐自然衰老所致虛衰症狀。

 鹿茸 2兩,
肉桂 3兩,菟絲子 2兩,  枸杞子2兩杜仲 2兩, 當歸 2兩 , 巴戟天 2兩, 白芍 2兩, 肉蓯蓉 2兩,  熟地黃 五兩,  山茱萸肉 3兩, 炒白朮 3兩,茯 神 3兩,  牛膝 3兩, 人參 4兩, 甘草 1兩 

上藥研細末。煉蜜為丸。每次服3 錢。

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