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Major and Minor Cycle of the Universe (Macro and Micro Cosmic), da xiao zhou tian    大小周天

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu

  The basic foundation training of dao jia (Daoist philosophers) is the minor cycle of the universe and the major cycle of the universe.  It is difficult for the general public to read the old Chinese writing on these training. The same physiological location of the body can be called several different names in the same article to confuse the outsiders. For example dan tian 丹田(meaning the farm where the pills grow) in the same article it can be called he dong 河東 (meaning east side of the river), huang ting 黃庭 (meaning yellow court yard) etc.

Today the different qigong book writers each of them has his or her own version of what the trainings are. It is like the Chinese saying "It is easier to draw ghosts than to draw people." because nobody has seen a ghost or very small number of people had had these trainings until the Red Chinese Government started to promote qigong in the late fifties or early sixties. Then all kinds of qigong experts suddenly appeared.

Minor Cycle of the Universe (micro cosmic cycle)

Moving the qi downward along ren mai channel to hui yin point (perinium), through the anus and up the tu mai at the back to complete a cycle is called the minor cycle of the universe. 

See the detailed description here.

it is important to note that this practice is not suitable for every body.

Major Cycle of the Universe (macro cosmic cycle)

Moving the qi to all the jin luo (meridians) of the body are back is call major cycle.


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