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 ma qian zi, fan mu bie 馬錢子﹐番木鳖


Translated and Edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu

Clinical Reports


Clinical Reports

1. treatment of Bell's palsy

ma qian zi 3.6 g, cut into 19 to 24 slices and arranged on medical plaster tape. Applied to affect areas. (applied to left sides if tilted to right and reverse). After 7 to 10 days, new ones were applied till normal. Usually in mild cases two applications were sufficient. Treated 15,000 patients. Effective rate was 80%

2. treatment of myasthenia gravis; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Soak ma qian zi in water for 10~14 days, and de-skin.  (in winter, use lukewarm water; in summer use cold water). After that puts in boiling peanut oil. Cook in low heat for approximately 30 minutes until brown and crispy (when roll under a jar on the hard surface, the seed should crumble easily) . After taking out, mix in the talcum powder to absorb the oil. After h for 10~14 hours to screen out talcum powder and flush with clear water. After drying, grind it into powder and it is ready to use. .Starts  with a small amount of 1.5 fen (分)per day and make into 3 serving (0.5 fen 分) per dose. Gradually increase the to  3.2 fen to 4 fen  (分) per day. Note: one fen equal to 0.3 gram (new measurement). e.g. 1.5 fen is 0.45 gram.   Caution: this herb is extremely toxic. Use it under expert supervision of experienced Chinese herb doctors..

3. treatment of tuberculosis

(method to be loaded)

4. treatment of cervical erosion

(external application method to be loaded)



Pharmaceutical name:


Semen Strychni

Botanical name:


Strychnos nux-vomica Linn. (馬錢子)

Strychnos pierriana A.W.Hil (雲南馬錢子)

Pron. in Japanese:

日語發音 ﹕


Pron. in Korean:

韓語發音 ﹕


Pron. in Cantonese:


maa5 cin4 zi2

Other Names:


fan mu bie 番木鳖

Common Name:


Brechnusssamen, Poison Nut, Quaker Buttons, Strychni Semen, Strychnos Seed. Strychnos nux-vomica.



Main production areas: India, Vietnam (southern), Thailand Cambodia , Lao PDR, Malaysia (northern peninsular), Myanmar , Philippines (introduced and locally naturalized in Mindoro ).. Also found in Bangladesh , and Sri Lanka .

Main production area of Yunnan ma qian zi: Yunnan province of China





bitter, cold, very toxic.

味苦,寒 ,大毒。

Channels (meridians) entered:



liver, spleen


Medical functions:



1. effect on CNS: small amount of strychnine stimulates and large amount induces seizures. It is rapidly absorbed after oral administration and caused spinal reflexes and stimulates the respiratory and motion centers

2. effect on digestive system: strychnine does not have effect on the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestines but its bitterness can induce the the secretion of stomach.

3. effect on respiration system: the effect of brucine is 1/8 of that of strychnine. It can inhibit cough of mice, caused by ammonia solution or sulfur dioxide and its effect surpasses that of codeine. Oral administration is more obvious that abdomen cavity injection. It also possesses the effect of phlegm expectorant. Its effect on suppressing asthma is weak but it can enhance the effect of anti histamine of rabbit if the duration of drug application is longer and amount is larger.

4. other effects: ma qian zi possesses the effect of curare (arrow poison). It can inhibit the growth of bacteria in test tubes. Some varieties of ma qian zi produced in Africa possesses muscle relaxing effect.

5. toxic effect: In early stages there is sensation of spasm of the jaw and neck muscles, difficulty in swallowing, the whole body is uncomfortable, then extreme contraction of the muscles and tetany.

1. 對中樞神經系統的作用: 種子中的生物鹼士的寧(番木鱉鹼),口服後很快吸收而起作用,首先 興奮脊髓的反射機能,其次興奮延髓中的呼吸中樞中樞及血管運動中樞,井提高大腦皮質感覺中樞(皮質分析器)的機能。大劑量引起驚厥。

 2. 對消化系統的作用: 用病人腸痿管直接測驗證明,士的寧對人體胃腸平滑肌沒有興 奮作用,對消化道的唯一作用,是由於它的苦味,反射地增加胃的分泌。

3. 對呼吸系統的影響: 馬錢子鹼的作用為士的寧的1/8,據報道它對氨水及SO2 引圯的小鼠與咳嗽,有較強的鎮咳作用,超強度過可待因,口服較腹腔注射作用顯著。另有袪痰作用(小白鼠酚紅法),止喘作用弱,如用藥時間延長,用 量增加時,能加強家兔抗組織胺的作用。

4. 其他作用: 馬錢子鹼有箭毒樣作用,對某些細菌,在試管內有抑制作用。非洲產多種馬錢屬植物 ,其中有些也具有肌肉松弛作用。

5. 毒性: 中毒者初有嚼肌及頸部肌抽筋感,咽下困難,全身不安,煞後伸肌與屈肌同時極度收縮而 出現強直性驚厥。可用乙醚作輕度麻醉或用用比妥類藥物靜脈注射以抑制驚厥,另用高錳酸鈾洗胃。

Actions & Indications:


  1. rheumatoid arthritis,
  2. injuries,
  3. boils and swellings,
  4. sequelae from polio of children,
  5. impotence,
  6. for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  7. organic and functional disorders of the heart and circulatory system,
  8. glycine encephalopathy,
  9. nervous conditions,
  10. myasthenia gravis; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  11. cancer
  12. depression,
  13. migraine,
  14. menopausal syndromes,
  15. facial neuralgias
  16. Raynaud's syndromes.

散血熱,消腫,止痛。治咽喉痺痛,癰疽腫毒,風痺疼痛,骨折﹐甘氨酸腦病﹐臉神經麻痺,重症肌無力 ﹐偏頭痛﹐ 女性更年期症候群﹐雷諾氏病 。

Chemical ingredients:


含總生物碱2~5%.主要為   Total alkaloids:

番木鳖碱 即土的寧(Strychnine,C21H22O2N2,)、11.4%左 右,

馬錢子碱 (brucine,C23H26O4N2)1-1.4%左 右,

微量的 minute amount of

番木鳖次碱 ( vomicine)、



a-及 β-可鲁勃林 (a-Colubrine﹐ β-Colubrine)等。

其他 Other:

番木鳖甙 (loganin,C17H26O10)、

綠原酸 (chlorogenic acid )

棕榈酸 (palmitic acid  C 16 H 32 O 2 )

脂肪油 (fat)

蛋白質 (protein)

多糖等 (polysaccharides)
云南馬錢種子含 Yunnan ma qian zi contains

生物碱 (alkaloids) 2.18%,

番木鳖碱 (strychnine)1.33%,

馬錢子碱 (Brucine,C23H26O4N2)。



0.3 to 0.6 g. (do not exceed commonly used dosage)


Samples of formulae


See clinical reports


Modern Research:



Toxicity & Cautions:


It is very toxic. Do not overdose. Overdoses have been recorded with as little as 60 mg.

Symptoms of toxicity: toxic effect: In early stages there is sensation of spasm of the jaw and neck muscles, difficulty in swallowing, the whole body is uncomfortable, then extreme contraction of the muscles and tetany.

Antidote: use ethyl ether to induce mild anaesthesia, or use barbiturate type of medication in venous injection to inhibit epilepsy and use potassium permanganate for stomach lavage.

毒性大,須嚴格控制用量。 有報告中毒劑量有低至六十毫克者。

若中毒可用乙醚作輕度麻醉或用巴比妥 類藥物靜脈注射以抑制驚厥,另用高錳酸鉀洗胃。



治療臉神經麻痺 :


將馬錢子濕潤後 ,切成薄片,1.2錢約可切1824片 ,排列於橡皮膏上,貼敷於患側臉部(向左歪貼右,向右歪貼左), 約710天調換1張 ,至恢復正常為止。一般輕症貼2次即可。治療15000人 次,約80%有效。


治療重症肌無力 症  


將馬錢子用水泡(冬 天溫水,夏天涼水)1014天,去皮 ,放入煮沸的花生油內,文火煎約30餘分鐘,至焦黃色(以 手缶之即碎成度)時取出,拌於滑石粉內以吸去油質,約經1014小 時篩去滑石粉,再以清水沖洗1次,待乾後研粉即可服用。開始每日1.5分 ,分3次服,逐漸增至每日3.2分或4分 。試治3例,2例獲得較好的近期療效,1例 無效。其中1先用新新的明等治療,開始療效尚好,以後漸減,改用馬錢子治療,肌力漸恢復,握 力增加,無復視感,能自理生活。 編者註:馬錢子有劇毒 。必須由有經驗的醫師指導下使用。




曾用馬錢子藥蛋 試治頸淋巴結核、結核性腹膜炎、慢性纖維性空洞性肺結核合並胸膜炎各1例,均有一定療效。方 法:取馬錢子4錢砸碎(對形成竇道的頸 淋巴結核加川黃連1),用開水浸泡1小 時,再放入雞蛋7個,文火煮1小時,即 成馬錢子藥蛋,撈出放涼處備用。每天早晨空腹服藥蛋1個,7天 為一療程。間隔7天,再繼續下一次療程。一般用24個 療程。煮蛋和泡蛋的過程中謹防將蛋弄破,破蛋應去,不能服用。1例頸淋巴結核取得很好效果;1例 結核性腹膜炎經用抗癆藥物治療4個多月無明顯效果;1例 結核性腹膜炎經用抗癆藥物治療4個多月無明顯效果,加用馬錢子藥蛋經三個療程,腹部包塊消失 ,大便正常,僅於觸診時肝區及右下腹有不明顯的索狀物,又續服藥蛋2個療程後痊愈出院;另1例 慢性纖維性空洞性肺結核合關胸膜炎,胸水全部吸收。此外,對3例肺門淋巴結核,使用藥蛋也有 明顯效果。但對其他一些肺結核病人,在抗癆化學治療的同時加用鹽士的寧,都未見效果。


治療子官頸糜爛 :


取馬錢子仁置香 油中炸後濾去藥渣,然後加入適道,揩淨陰道、子宮頸口的分泌物,將帶線的棉塞蔈馬錢子油膏放於糜爛處,線尾留在陰道外,經6小 時後取出。每日或隔日上藥1次,5次為 一療程,未愈者可繼續二、三個療程。觀察34例,13例 痊癒,20例有效,1例無變化。




取馬餞子投入銅 鍋內,加麻油炸至呈深黃色時取出,刮去毛,研成細末,用米糊為丸或裝膠囊(平均1粒 馬錢子制4)。成人體壯者,每天34丸 ,臨睡前用米湯1次送服。孕婦 、體弱 或6歲以下兒童禁服。治療1500餘例 ,均獲明顯效果。



編者註 :馬錢子有劇毒。必須由有經驗的醫師指導下使用。

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