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chen pi 陳皮

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu



Present Day Applications:

to be loaded

Pharmaceutical name:

Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae  

Biological name:

Citrus reticulata Blanco

Pron. in Japanese:


Pron. in Korean:


Pron. in Cantonese:

chan pay

Other Names:

hong ju, da hong pao, chuan ju.


Common Name:

Tangerine Peel


Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan,Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Yunnan, Guizhou

Properties (characteristics):性味:

bitter, acrid, warm.


Channels (meridians) entered:


lung, spleen


Actions & Indications:


lack of qi (qixu), excessive phlegm,  flatulence, belching,  lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, loose stool.

功能﹕理 氣 ,健脾 ,燥 溼 ,化 痰 。

 主治﹕ 胸 腹 漲 滿 ,食慾減退 , 嘔 吐 , 噦 逆 , 咳 嗽 痰 多 ,解 食 蟹 毒 。

Medical function:


Medical function:

  1. improves digestion

  2. stops vomiting and hiccups

  3. expels phlegm

  4. stops bleeding

  5. increases blood pressure

  6. stimulates blood vessels

  7. inhibits movements of digestive tract

  8. inhibits movements of uterus

  9. antibiotic

  10. lower cholesterol


  1. 健 胃,

  2. 降 逆 止 嘔 ,

  3. 袪 痰  ,

  4. 止 血  ,

  5. 升 高 血 壓 ,

  6. 興 奮 血 管 ,

  7. 抑 制 腸 胃 運 動,

  8. 抑 制 子 宮 運 動 ,

  9. 抑 菌 作 用  ,

  10. 降 膽 固 醇 。

Samples of formulae:

er chen tang 二陳湯

Chemical ingredients:


contains evaporating oil of 1.5% (press method) to 2% (distill method), more than 70 kinds, the main ones: 陳皮含揮發油1.5% (壓榨法) 至2%(蒸餾法)。70 餘種。 油中主要成分為:
d-limonene,more than 80% of the oil 右旋D-檸檬烯, 佔油中80%以上
β-D-elemene β-,D--欖香烯
α-copaene α-胡椒烯
β-myrcene β-月桂烯
α-Pinene α-蒎烯
β-pinene β-蒎烯
α-farnesene α-金合歡烯
linalyl acetate 芳樟醇乙酸酯
β-phellandrene β-水芹烯
Also contains: 還含:
hesperidin 橙皮甙
nobiletin 川陳皮素
polymethoxylated flavones 多甲氧黃酮



4 to 12 g

4 ~ 12 克



Not to use in cases of cough due to qixu (qi deficient) and yinxu (yin deficient). Use care in cases of bleeding  or vomiting blood.

Long term usage may weaken the body function.

According to the Whole Nation of Japan Farmers' Federation, the five kinds of herb being sold in the market, chen pi, su ye, da zao, jie shishan zhu yu have been tested and showed they contain farm chemical residues. Although there is a suspicion of conflict of interest but the creditability is high. It is better to soak chen pi in water and wash it thoroughly before use.

氣虛 與 陰 虛 燥 咳 者不宜 用。 吐 血 ﹐出血者 慎服 。 多服久服 損 元 氣 。



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