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bai qian tang 白前湯   (in English and Chinese 中英文)


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Name of Formula: bai qian tang 《Source: Wai Tai Mi Yao 》

Application: For chronic cough with abundance of of sticky phlegm, edema, unable to lie down flat, noise of phlegm in the throat.


Composition: bai qian  6 g, zi wan 9 g, ban xia (washed) 9 g,   da ji (cut) 3 g.

Add 1,000 c.c. of water. Soak over night then simmer to 600 c.c. Strain and make into 3 serving.


Note: do not eat goat or lamb or malt sugar during taking this formula.

白前湯《方源:外台秘要  》

主治: 久患咳逆上氣,體腫,短氣脹滿,晝夜倚壁不得臥,喉常作田雞聲。

白 前 6克, 半 夏(洗)各 9克 大 戟(切)3克


注意: 服藥期間,忌食羊肉、麥芽糖。




咳逆上氣: 喘咳胸滿、呼吸迫促、不能平臥、痰多粘膩、脈浮滑,是由於肺實氣閉所致。虛証主要症狀為咳喘面浮、脈浮大無力,這是腎不納氣所致。

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