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an zhong san   安中散  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu     按此看中文。

Name of formula: an zhong san ( Tai Ping Hui Ming He Ji Ju Fang)

Application: neurogenic gastric pain, gastric ulcer, duodenum ulcer, over abundance of stomach acid, prolapse of the stomach, chronic inflammation of the stomach, narrowing of the pylorus, pain during menses, vomiting during pregnancy.


gan cao 6 g, mu li 3 g,  gan iang 3 g,  yan hu suo 3 g,

xiao hui xiang 3 g, gao liang jiang 3 g,  rou gui 3 g.

Boil with water and serve as tea.

Adjustment of formula:

Palpitation: add fu ling


安中散 (太平惠民和劑局方)






甘草 6 g,  3 g, 牡蠣  3 g, 延胡索 3 g,  小 茴 3 g,

高莨姜  3 g﹐  肉 桂  3 g。


動悸者 茯苓


禁忌: 本方屬於溫熱劑,因此不大適用於急性炎症性心腹痛


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