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zhi shi shao yan san 枳實芍藥散

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu                 按此看中文


Name of Formula: zhi shi shao yao san (Jin Gui Yao Lue)


Application: postpartum pain in abdomen, amnesia, hot due to qizi (stagnation)  andxue yu (blood stasis) .  In clinical application it does not have to be limited to postpartum abdomen pain.  When the syndrome is qizi (stagnation)  and xue yu (blood stasis) with heat, this can be used as the main formula with adjustment.


Composition: zhi shi, shao yao, equal amount of each.


Make into powder. Use about 24 g each time. Mix into wheat porridge.


名 :枳實芍藥散《 金櫃要略 》



主治:產 後氣 滯 血淤, 氣機不通,鬱而生熱,腹 痛,煩滿不能睡。 臨床運用不必囿於產後腹痛,凡氣血鬱滯,氣機不暢而生熱者均能以此方為主化裁使用。


組成:枳 實芍 藥, 各等份。


研 為 末。以麥粥調服。


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