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zhi gan cao tang


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Name of Formula: zhi gan cao tang  (shang han lun)

(also called fu mai tang, meaning getting back the pulse soup)



1 Anemic and yangxu (yang deficient) syndrome:  irregular heart beats, palpitation, short of breath, shinny tongue

 with scanty fur or thin and dry tongue,

2. lung diseases with deficiency: dry cough without phlegm or spitting small amount of mucus, emaciation and short of breath, dry stool, weak rapid pulse.


This formula is often being used in arrhythmia, extra systoles, coronary disease, rheumatoid heart disease, and viral myocarditis, and hyperthyroidism.




zhi gan cao12 gsheng jiang 9 g,gui zhi 9 g,ren shen 6 g;sheng di huang 50 g,e jiao 6 g,mai dong 10 g,ma ren 10 g,da zao 10 pieces。


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炙甘草湯 《傷寒




【功效益 氣滋陰,通陽復脈。


1.陰血 陽氣虛,心脈失養証。脈結代,心動悸,虛羸少 氣,舌光少苔,或質干而瘦小者。

2.虛勞肺症。干咳無痰,或咳吐涎沫,量少,形瘦短氣,虛煩不眠,自汗盜汗,咽干舌燥,大便干結,脈虛數。本方常用於功能 性心律不齊、期外收縮、冠心病、風濕性心臟病、病毒性心肌炎、甲狀腺功能亢進等


【組成】12克,生 薑 9克,桂 枝 9克,人 參 6克,生 地黃 50克,阿 膠 6克,10克,麻仁,10克, 大棗10枚。



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