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zhen wu tang 真武湯

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu                        按此看中文

Name of Formula: zhen wu tang ( shang han lun)

Syndromes: pixu (spleen deficient) and shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient), with water retention; being used in chronic diarrhea, chronic nephritis, chronic muscle pain, cold or influenza, weakness in digestive tract, edema in limbs, achiness.


bai zhu 15 g,  fu ling 19 g,   fu zi 6 g,  sheng jiang 3 slices,  bai shao 12 g.

Add two and a half bowls of water. Boil down to 80% of a bowl.

Drink one hour before meals, while warm.


Adjustment of formula:

Edema: add wu ling san

Cough: add wu wei zi, xi xin, gan jiang.

Ulcerated and oozing skin or chronic eczema: add ma huang,  liang qiao,  chi xiao dou

Rheumatoid arthritis: add gui zhi, dang shen

Qixu with resulting dizziness: add ren shen.


(Click here for French translation. Clic ici pour la traduction )


主治﹕脾虛腎陽虛,水氣內停。用於慢性下痢,慢性腎臟炎 ,慢性肌肉風痺,感冒,胃腸虛弱症,肢體儲水浮腫,疼痛。


芍藥 三錢﹐ 茯苓 五 錢﹐ 焙附子 錢半﹐

白朮 四 錢﹐ 生薑 三片。

水 兩 碗 半 煎 八 分。 飯前一小時溫服。



咳者加五味子細 辛乾薑

水腫加 五苓散

皮膚潰爛流水或頑困濕疹加麻 黃連翹赤小豆

風濕性關節炎加桂枝黨 參

氣虛而致頭眩加人 參


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