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yin qiao san  銀翹散  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu           按此看中文

Uses: wind-heat type of influenza with following syndromes

High fever with some chill, some sweating, headache, cough, some thick sticky phlegm, some case with sore swollen throat, thirsty and with desire to drink water, red tongue, thin and yellow fur on tongue, floating and rapid pulse.


jin yin hua 3 qian, lian qiao 3 qian, niu bang zi 2 qian, jie geng 2 qian, gan cao 1 qian, mao gen 1 liang,  zhu ye 3 qian, bo he (mint) 2 qian (put in at the last moment). Boil with 1,200 cc of water and simmer down to 500 cc and add bo he to the decoction and simmer another half minute. Drink while warm. Dress warm to help sweating.



Do not use ma bo when loss of voice due to wind cold.

The syndrome of wind cold type of cold is: clear mucus, afraid of cold temperature, pale

tongue with thin fur, floating and tight pulse.

qian = 3.75 g    liang = 37.5 g  (old measurement, being used in this formula)


Warning: Some prepackaged yin qiao san may contain modern drug.


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其症狀包括: 發熱較重,稍有惡寒,有汗不多,頭痛 ,咳嗽 ,痰少 而黏稠,或咽喉腫痛,口乾欲飲,舌尖與邊紅,苔薄黃,脈浮數。治宜辛涼解表,常用銀翹散加減


金銀花三錢﹐連 翹三錢 ﹐牛蒡子二 錢﹐桔 梗二錢 ﹐甘 草一錢﹐茅 根一兩﹐竹 葉三錢﹐薄 荷二 錢(後下)。


  1. 咳嗽加杏 仁三錢﹐前 胡二 錢﹐

  2. 口渴加天 花粉四錢,

  3. 咽喉痛﹐扁桃體發炎加玄 參三錢, 射干三 錢,  馬勃三 錢。 ,

  4. 食慾不振加萊 菔子三錢﹐麥 芽三錢,

  5. 舌苔黃厚加石 膏一兩,

  6. 大便秘結加 大 黃三錢。

注 意 ﹕ 風寒失聲者忌用馬 勃

風寒 臨床表現為:清鼻涕、怕冷、舌苔薄白、舌質偏淡 、脈 搏浮緊 等。 忌用馬 勃

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