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yi yi fu zi bai jiang san 薏苡附子敗醬散

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu  

Name of Formula: yi yi fu zi bai jiang san (Jin Gui Yao Luo)

Application: ulcerative colitis, appendicitis.

When the pus has formed, the skin of the abdomen is tight, soft feeling when pressed, as if swollen, rapid but weak pulse.

Composition: yi yi ren 30 g, fu zi 4 g, bai jiang cao 12 g.

Make into decoction and use as tea.

Warning: do not use this formula in cases of tight pulse, high fever,  acute pain, or constipation.


方名:薏苡附子敗醬散 (金櫃要略)

主治:潰瘍性結腸炎,盲腸炎(腸癰),內癰已成,腹皮急,按之濡, 如腫狀,脈數而弱者。

组成:薏苡仁 30克附 子 4克敗醬草12 克。


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