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Xu Huo,  Deficient Fire  虛火


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu                                按此看中文


It is a term used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Fire (huo) can be classified into:

  1.  external source which is caused by infection.

  2.  internal source which is caused by yinxu (yin deficient) or excessive yang

The second item above is considered as deficient fire.


The chronic infection condition accompanied by shenyinxu (kidney deficient) usually can also be considered as deficient fire.



  • red cheeks due to hot flashes,

  • low grade fever, hot hands, hot feet,

  • hot chest area or gu zheng lao re,

  • uncomfortable with insomnia,

  • night sweating,

  • scanty and dark color urine,

  • dry mouth and throat,

  • red tongue with scanty fur or no fur,

  • weak, thin and rapid pulse.


These conditions frequently occur during the later stage of warm sicknesses (re bing) or damages caused by yinxu (yin deficient).


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(一) 外因﹐如感染

(二) 內因﹐ 如 陰虛  陽盛  。

陰虛  陽盛  即為虛火。


  • 兩顴潮紅﹐

  • 低熱﹐五心煩熱或 骨蒸勞熱

  • 心煩失眠﹐

  • 盜汗﹐

  • 尿短赤﹐

  • 口燥咽干﹐

  • 舌紅苔少或光紅無苔﹐

  • 脈細數無力.




A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading              in progress

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