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xinqixu    心氣虛    (in English and Chinese 中英文)

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu       按此看中文

Xin qi xu is traditional Chinese term used in diagnostics.

Clinical observation:

  1. pale complexion

  2. lack of energy

  3. shortness of breath and tightness of chest

  4. palpitation

  5. lazy to talk

  6. sweating with no obvious reason

  7. pale swollen with white moss and deep teeth marks

  8. pulse reading is weak with skipping and irregular rhythm, or large weak pulse


Differences of xinqixu and xinyanxu in clinical symptoms:


Common symptoms of xinqixu and xinyanxu:

  1. palpitation,

  2. heaviness in chest area and short of breath, especially after physical activities, and instant sweating﹐

xinqixu (heart qi deficient) with additional symptoms:

  1. lack of energy

  2. short of breath, especially during physical activities

  3. palpitation is very obvious

  4. sighing frequently

  5. pulse reading is weak with skipping and irregular rhythm, or large weak pulse

xinyangxu (heart yang deficient) with additional symptoms:

  1. cold limbs and dislike coldness,

  2. angina pectoris,

  3. pale and dark complexion,

  4. fat and pale tongue with white and slippery fur,

  5. small and thin pulse.


See qigong therapy


See herb therapy: yang xin tang


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  1. 面色淡白,

  2. 無力﹐活 動後加重﹐

  3. 胸悶氣短﹐

  4. 心悸怔忡,

  5. 懶言﹐

  6. 自汗﹐

  7. 舌胖淡苔白有齒印﹐

  8. 脈虛 結代﹔或虛大無力。


心氣虚與心 陽虚的分別

二者共同特點是心悸,氣短,自汗。心氣虚兼有倦怠乏力,活動則氣短、心悸尤其為明顯,常嘆息,脉虚弱或虚大無力,或現結代。心 陽虚兼有形寒肢冷,心胸緊迫或滿悶,或心痛悠悠戚戚,或心痛較劇烈。

心氣虚治宜補益心氣為主,另加養血安神藥。可用養心湯 (證治準繩)


某種氣功功法對心氣虛與心陽 虛有效。

養心湯  《方源:證治準繩》

主治:心氣虚。心 悸,氣短,自汗倦怠乏力,活動則氣短心悸, 常嘆息,脉虚弱或虚大無力,或現結代。


黃耆 3 克、茯苓、茯神 2 克、川芎 2 克、當歸、半夏麴、人參  3 克、柏子仁  3 克、肉桂、遠志 2 克、五味子 10 粒、炙甘草 1.5克、酸棗仁  3 克。


A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in progress


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