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xin jia xiang ru yin   新加香薷飲    (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu


Name of Formula: xin jia xiang ru yin (Wen Bing Tiao Bian)


Application: the body got chilled from cold wind during the early stage of summer heat sickness with syndrome of fever and chill, not sweating, agitated with red face, thirsty, tongue with white fur, pulse waves are large on the right wrist and small on the left wrist.


Composition: xiang ru 6 ghou po 6 g,,jin yin hua 9 gfresh bian dou hua 9 glian qiao 6 g.


Add 5 cups of water and simmer down to 2 cups. Drink one cup while warm. Stop using after sweating. If no sweat after drinking, drink another cup (warm). If still not sweating after the 2nd cup. Make another dose and drink it again.


Comparing xiang ru yin (xiang ru san) formula and xin jia xiang ru yin: 

Xiang ru yin and this formula xin jia xiang ru yin, both are using the acrid warm herb of xiang ru and hou po to expel the summer heat and releasing exterior and transform dampness. But xiang ru yin (xiang ru san)  formula is warm in characteristics. It is mainly being used in cold and dampness syndrome, with chill and not sweating. The characteristics of xin jia xiang ru yin is cold. It is mainly being used in summer heat sickness with dampness, although with chill but no sweat and with thirst red face. There is a difference in usage of the two formulae


方名: 新加香薷飲 《方源:溫病條辯》


 組成香 薷 6 克,厚 樸 6 克,,金銀花 9克,鮮扁豆花 9克 ,連翹 6 克。:

 香薷飲(散)與新加香薷飲,兩者均以辛溫之香 薷厚 樸 祛暑解表,散寒化。但香薷散 (香薷散) 藥性偏溫,主治暑令感寒夾濕之証,必見惡寒無汗者;而新加香薷飲則藥性偏涼,主治暑溫兼濕,雖亦惡寒無汗,但有口渴面赤。是當有別。


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A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading              in progress

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