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Xiao Jian Zhong Tang 小建中湯 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu           按此看中文。

Usage: for strengthening the digestive system. Use in

piyangxu condition (pixu and yangxu). Not to use in

cases of yinxu condition.


gui zhi 15 g, bai shao 30 g, gan cao 12 g,

sheng jiang 3 slices, da zao 5 piece (cut open)


Boil with 1200 ml of water. Simmer till 400 ml.

Add yi tang (maltose) 30-40 g to the strained liquid.

Drink as tea while warm.


Editor's Note; if there is flatulence after meals,

use mai ya instead of yi tang (maltose). Grind mai ya into powder. Pour boiling herb over the powder.



Yi tang (maltose, malt sugar):

A white crystalline sugar, C12H22O11·H2O, formed during the digestion of starch. Usually it is made by using rice, sweet rice, wheat with added germinated wheat sprouts. It is used for its nutrition value, pain suppression and expelling of phlegm.


Mai ya is the spouted seeds of Hordeum vulgare L. (wheat).

Its effective ingredients are amylase,  vitamin B and is used for

improving digestion, reducing production of mother's milk,

for treating beriberi.


小健中湯( 傷 寒 論 )




桂枝 四 錢 ,  白芍 錢 , 甘草 三 錢 ,生薑 三 片 , 大棗 五 枚 切 ﹐飴糖八錢後下。

加 水 三 碗  煎 成 一 碗 。 加一飴 糖。 溫 服 。

編者按﹕如有飯後腹脹﹐去飴糖﹐用麥芽八錢 研磨成粉末沖服。


註﹕一 =  3.75 克 (舊制)。

小健中湯即桂枝湯加 倍白芍,另加飴糖。


麥芽 (Hordeum vulgare L.的成熟果實發芽 乾燥而成。)

本品含澱粉酶、轉化糖酶、維生素 AE、B、卵磷脂、麥芽糖、


有助消化作用。用于﹕退乳、消乳脹 、治腳氣病、胃虛弱。

飴糖(麥芽糖 、膠飴)




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