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xiao feng san 消風散

Edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu


Name of Formula: xiao feng san


Application: Athlete's foot, contact dermatitis, eczema, fungal infection, psoriasis, purpura, severe itching (burning pain after scratching),  urticaria ,  prurigo  ,  allergic dermatitis, pityriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, (seborrhea, Seborrheic eczema), excoriation with bleeding,  white or yellow coating (may be greasy) tongue, floating, forceful, rapid  pulse.




jing jie 6 g,fang feng 6 g,niu bang zi 10 g,can tui 6 g,cang zhu  10 g,ku shen 10g,zhi mu 10 g,shi gao10 g,dang gui 10 g,sheng di huan 10 g,hu ma ren 10 g,bai zhi 6 g,qiang huo 6 g


Add water and simmer for 45 minutes and use as tea. Use 2 to 3 prescription per week.



主治治風熱上攻,頭目昏痛,項背拘急,鼻嚏聲重,腳癬,接觸性皮炎,濕疹,霉菌感染,銀痟病,紫斑,皮 膚癢 (抓之更痛癢),風疹, 癢疹,皮脂溢, 表皮脫落兼有出血 ,桃花癬 (糠疹,春季皮炎,過敏性皮炎,脂溢性皮炎), 舌苔色白或黄 或油膩,脉浮數而有力。




荊芥 6克,防 風 6克,牛 蒡子 10克,蟬 蛻 6 克,蒼 朮   10克,苦 參 10克,知 母 10克,石 膏10克,當 歸 10克,生 地黃 10克,胡 麻仁 10克,白 芷6克,羌 活 6克


加水煎 45 分鐘。 每周用 两, 三剤。



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