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xiang sha liu jun zi tang 香砂六君子湯

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu    按此看中文。

Name of Formula: xiang sha liu jun zi tang  《source: Wan Bing Hui Chun 》


pixu (spleen deficient): chronic gastritis, stomach prolapse, chronic peritonitis, peptic ulcers, stagnant liquid in stomach,  dyspepsia (indigestion), lack of appetite, flatulence in the afternoon or after meals, wilted complexion, loose stool, weak and atrophic muscles, depression, or pain in abdomen with diarrhea.


ren shen 10 g, bai zhu 9 g, cheng pi 9 g, ban xia 10 g, zhi gan cao 5 g, fu ling 9 g,  mu xiang 6 g, sha ren  6 g.

Boil with water and make into tea.

The development of this formula: When si jun zi tang (meaning four gentlemen soup, with four items) was added with chen pi, ban xia, it becomes liu jun zi tang (meaning six gentlemen soup, with 6 items). When liu jun zi tang with mu xiang and sha ren added, it becomes xiang sha liu jun zi tang.

藥方名:香砂六君子湯 《方源:萬病回春  》


本方為六君子湯證即 脾虛: 慢性胃炎,胃下垂,慢性腹膜炎,胃潰瘍, 胃內停水,消化不良,食慾不振,嘔吐,惡阻午 後或飯後腹部脹滿﹐臉色枯槁﹐大便溏泄,肌肉瘦弱無力,兼有痰氣與宿食者,並有氣鬱,不安等精神症狀,或腹痛下利者。


人參 10 克,白 朮 9 克,炙 甘草 5 克,茯 苓 9 陳 皮 9 克,半夏10克 木 香 6 克砂 仁 6 克。



以補氣健脾為主要功 能的 四君子湯加上專理中焦脾胃之氣的陳 皮半 夏,而成 六 君子湯。六君子之上,再加入芳香疏理胃腸,三 焦之氣的木 香砂 仁,使其助脾胃運化之功更勝而成為香砂六君子湯。

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