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wu wei xiao du yin 五 味消毒飲 (in English and Chinese 中英文)
Translated and edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu


Name of Formula:

 wu wei xiao du yin   《source:Yi Zong Jin Jian  》

Functions: rid of infection and swelling.

Application: being used in boils, carbuncles, red, swelling and/or hot locally, acute infection of urinary tract, gall bladder inflammation, pneumonia, epidemic encephalitis B, with syndromes of red tongue, rapid pulse.


jin yin hua 9 g,  ye ju hua 3.6  g,  zi hua di ding 3.6 g,  zi bei tian kui 3.6 g,  pu gong ying 3.6 g


If infection is serious: add huang lian, lian qiao

If there is xue re (heat in blood): add chi shao, dan pi, sheng di huang

Add about one cup of water (about 250 c.c.) and simmer down to 80 percent of a cup and add half cup of good yellow rice wine and boil a few turnover to make decoction. Use as while warm. Cover with blanket to induce sweating.


藥方名:五味消毒飲 方源:醫宗金鑒  》


主治:用於各種疔毒,癰瘡癤腫,症見局部紅 腫,或 發熱,急性泌尿系感染,膽囊炎,肺炎,流行性乙型腦炎,傳染病具有熱毒証候者。症見舌紅,脈數者。


金銀花 9 克,野菊花 3.6 克,紫花地丁 3.6 克,

紫背天葵  3.6 克,  蒲公英 3.6 克。

水一盅,煎八分,加無灰酒半盅,再滾二, 三沸時,熱服,被蓋出汗為度.


如熱重,可加黃 蓮連 翹之類清泄熱毒

血 熱毒盛,加赤 芍丹 皮生地黃等,



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