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wen jing tang 溫經湯


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu           按此看中文。


Name of Formula: wen jing tang《source: Jin Gui Yao Lue 》

Application: Amenorrhea, or excessive bleeding during menses, or bleeding nonstop not during menses, palms of hands are uncomfortably warm,  dry lips and mouth, irregular menses, weak and cold lower part of the body with difficulty in conception, yinxu (yin deficient)  with heat .



wu zhu yu 9 g,  dang gui 9  g,  chuan xiong 9 g,  chi shao  8 g,  ren shen 8g﹐ gui zhi  8g﹐ e jiao 8 g (drop in later)﹐ mu dan pi 8 g﹐ sheng jiang 6g﹐ gan cao 5 g ﹐  zhi ban xia 9 g﹐ mai dong 10 g.

Use about 1,400 c.c. of water and simmer down to about 400 c.c. . Strain. Add e jiao to the liquid and bring to boil. Use one hour before meal while the herb is warm.

The spent herb can be re-boil with 1,200 c.c. water and simmer down to about 320 c.c.



溫經湯 《方源:金櫃要略,婦人雜病篇  》  




婦人經閉﹐ 或經血過多,或崩漏不止﹐ 手掌煩熱﹐ 唇口乾燥﹐ 及經期不順﹐ 虛寒不孕。應用於月經不調﹐ 或過期不來﹐ 或瘀血停留﹐ 小腹痛﹐ 月經過多﹐ 婦人更年期子宮出血﹐ 腰冷久不受孕等症。


 本 方適用於婦人更年期及月經障礙者,並可治婦女宮寒不孕,及陰虛有火症。




吳茱萸9克 ﹐ 當 歸 9克﹐ 川 芎 9克﹐ 赤芍 8克﹐ 人參 8克﹐ 桂枝 8克﹐ 阿 膠 8克 (後下)﹐ 牡丹皮 8克﹐ 生薑 6克﹐ 甘草 5克 ﹐ 法半夏 9 克﹐ 麥 冬 10克。

將各藥加水三碗半煎 成一碗﹐過濾後﹐才將 阿 膠 放入﹐再煮沸。飯前一小時温服。



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