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wen dan fang   溫膽方   (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated and explained by: Joe Hing kwok Chu


Application: insomnia, or vomiting, hiccups, palpitation, restlessness, and seizure. Neurosis, acute and chronic gastritis, chronic bronchitis, Meniere's syndrome, vomiting during pregnancy. Syndrome includes white and oily tongue with slightly yellow, stringy , slippery or slightly rapid pulse.

Composition: ban xia 12 g,  zhu ru 12 g, jie shi 12 g, chen pi 10 g,  gan cao 6 g, fu ling 10 g, sheng jiang 3 slices, da zao 12 g.


Boil with water and use as tea.


Adjustment to formula:

restlessness with heat:add huang lian, mai dong

dry mouth and tongue:remove ban xia, add mai dong, tian hua fen

seizure:add dan nan xing, gou teng, quan xie

phlegm iwth heat:add gua lou, bei mu

internal heat with being upset:add zhi zi,  dan dou chi
dizziness:add ju hua, huang qin
suan zao ren, mu li,

insomnia due to worry:combine with xiao yao san

worry with insomnia:add yue ju wan
fever with chill:add
  chai hu,
huang qin
cardio vascular obstruction:add
chuan xiong, dan shen,yu jin, jiu bai, gui zhi


Note: This is one of the ten famous herbal formulas  




主治:膽胃不和,痰熱內擾。虛煩不眠,或嘔吐呃逆,以及驚悸不寧,癲癇等証。用於 神經官能症,急慢性胃炎,慢性支氣管炎,美尼爾綜合症,妊娠嘔吐等屬痰熱內擾與膽胃不和者。 証見舌苔白膩微黃,脈弦,滑或略數 (濕痰微有化熱之象)。

半夏 12 g ,竹 茹 12克, 桔實12克, 陳皮 10 g, 甘草 6 g,茯苓  10 g, 生薑 3 片, 大棗 12 克


心內煩熱:加黃 蓮麥 冬

口燥舌乾:去半 夏,加麥 冬天花粉

癲癇抽搐:加膽南星鉤 藤  ,全 蠍鬱金石菖蒲


酸棗仁牡蠣思慮不眠:合 逍遙散

憂鬱不眠:加  越鞠丸
川芎丹參鬱金薤白 桂枝

註 :此是中藥十大名方之一



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