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Last update: Mar 17, 2011; 1:00 a.m. LAH


wan dai fang 完帶方              (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Name of Formula: Wan Dai Tang     《source: Fu Qing Zhu Gynaecology 》

Diagnostics: vagina yeast infection with damp-heat  dampness and is high and fire is weak, liver qi stagnation  and pixu (spleen deficient)

tu chao bai zhu 38 g, chao shan yao 38 g,  ren shen 7.5 g,  chao bai shao 19 g,

che qian zi 11 g,  zhi cang zhu 11 g,  gan cao 4 g,chen pi 2 g, hei jing jie 2 g,

chai hu  2 g  

Boil with water. Make into 2 serving. Take 2 servings per day. Add water and re-boil the herb next day.  Take 6 packages in 12 days.

Warning: In case of bacteria infection, do not use this formula.

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方名﹕完帶方 《方源:傅青主女科 》  

證見﹕    濕熱, 濕盛火弱﹐ 肝氣鬱結 兼有 脾虛


38 g, 炒山药 38 g,  人参 7.5 g,  炒白芍 19 g,

车前子 11 g,  蒼朮 11 g,  甘草 4 g, 2 g, 黑荆芥 2 g,

柴胡  2 g  





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