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Uterus Prolapse    子宮下垂

Translated and annotated By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu         按此看中文子宮下垂

Formula 1:

dang shen, chao bai zhu, sheng huang qi, zhi huang jing, zhi gui ban, da zao 15 g each, zhi ke 20 g, ba ji tian 20 g, dang gui 9 g, sheng ma  9 g, yi mu cao 30 g. Boil with 5 bowls of water. Simmer till on bowl is left. Use as tea.

External formula:

yi mu cao 30 g,zhi ke 30 g.  Boil with water.  Use as steam. Then use as bath water for vagina area. Use twice a day, for 5 to 10 minutes each time.

If there are lesions, usewu wei zi powder for external application.

During period of therapy, avoid strenuous activity, and sexual intercourse.

Source: Jiang Jun Jiao

Click here for formula in Chinese.

Formula 2:

chai hu  15 g, sheng ma 15 g, sheng huang qi 60 g,  jie geng 20 g,  zhi mu 15 g.

Boil with 3 bowls of water. Simmer till one bowl is left. Drink as tea.

Adjustment: for qi deficiency add dang shen 60 g; if prolapse is serious, add red ren shen 15 g. (double boil with 3/4 bowl of water and add to the rest of herb later).


Patients: 40,

Healed: 32 

Got better: 8

Click here for formula in Chinese.


Important: Click here to see explanation of formulae in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) page.


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