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tian ma gou teng yin 天麻鉤藤飲

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu     按此看中文

Name of Formula:tian ma gou teng yin  (Source: za bing zheng zhi xin yi)

Syndrome: overly active sympathetic nervous system, usually hypertension, palpitation, headache, painful eyes, irritable, easily get angry, dry and rigid stool, dark color urine, dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, heat rising to the head, insomnia with many dreams, red tongue, wiry rapid pulse; when severe: numbness, spasm of the limbs, hemiplegia.

This formula is being used with adjustment for primary hypertension, paralysis due to strokes, Meniere's disease and neurasthenia with the above syndromes.


tian ma 9 g﹐gou teng,    12 ~15 g﹐ shi jue ming 18 ~24 g﹐zhi zi 9 g﹐

huang qin 9 g﹐yi mu cao 9 ~12 g﹐chuan niu xi 12 g﹐du zhong 9 ~ 12g﹐

sang ji sheng  9 ~ 14 g﹐ye jiao teng 9 ~ 30 g﹐fu shen 9 ~ 15 g。

Adjust the formula according to syndromes. 




表現為自律神經亢進﹐常有高血壓 ﹐心律不整﹐失眠睡眠不寧 ﹐肩頸僵硬 ﹐頭目脹痛﹐心煩易怒﹐情緒急躁 ﹐容易亢奮激動﹐口苦脅痛 ﹐面紅目赤﹐大便乾結﹐小便黃赤﹐舌苔薄黃或紅少頭目脹痛﹐ 脈弦數。嚴重時﹐肢體麻木﹐抽搐﹐半身不遂。

本方加減常用于治療原發性血壓高 ﹐中風半身不遂﹐耳源性眩暈及神經衰弱有上述症候者。



天麻 9 克﹐鉤 藤   12 ~15 克﹐ 石決明 18 ~24 克﹐梔 子  9 克﹐

黃 芩 9 克﹐益母草 9 ~12 克﹐川牛膝 12 克﹐杜 仲 9 ~ 12克﹐

桑寄 生  9 ~ 14 克﹐夜 交藤 9 ~ 30 克﹐茯 神 9 ~ 15 克。




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