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Samples of Various Gigong

Meridians & Acupoints 

One Finger Chan Qigong少林一指禪

Qigong classes 

Eight Sections of Silk   八段錦

Medical application

Five Animal Chart Play  五禽圖戯


Guo Lin Qigong 郭林氣功

Tibetan Tantric Buddhism

Micro & Macro Cosmic Cycle大周天,小周天

Buddhist Meditation

Fragrant Qigong香功

Chinese Chronological System

Longevity qigong長壽功

Historical Development

Three Dan Tian in One三田合一

Medical Qigong

Taiji qigong 太极氣功

Cancer Support Group

Gathering- Dispersing  qigong集散功

Kung Fu


Items to Bring

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