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An email received from Georgia Black, an alumna of qigong, 

student of Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Dear Joe,


I first was introduced to you in 1991 when I had recently moved to the

Bay Area with my partner, Robert Black, orchestra conductor and

For some time prior to my move I had symptoms which dramatically

worsened living  in the Bay area. I suffered from migraine spells

beginning with a blinding, 'brain-boiling' headache accompanied

with nausea and vomiting that  might last days wherein I could not

tolerate light, nor could I eat or drink. I had to lay absolutely still.

I looked and felt much like a cadaver. It was during this period

having exhausted both traditional and alternative medical sources

that I met you.
In the beginning I could not stand through a Qigong session, rather

had to sit on a chair. But amazingly within the first month the symptoms

that I had experienced for some years now began to abate. The process

was gradual but over the last few years though I have not had the benefit

of working with you on any regular basis (I live in the Tetons of Wyoming),

yet the terrible symptoms that I experienced as a quick descent to 'knock

on death's door' have completely abated.
Necessary I find is the ongoing practice. Should I skip days of my practice

I can feel a stagnancy, a lack of clarity, a moodiness. During my cycle as

the chi drops prior to menstruation it is necessary for me to be strong in

my practice. My experience is that if the chi is not supported and stagnancy

not purged that the old flu-like symptoms can surface.
Given the number of years and the arduous search for anything that would

help me, I am deeply grateful for the healing you affected. During those first

months when I saw you several times weekly I existed on the energy you gave

me. Often I would have the impression of a flow of warm liquid cutting a course

through pathways in my body. I felt that you were opening blocks and creating

a structure.
I do not have an understanding of the mechanism of Qigong of Chinese medicine,

nor do I need to.
What I do know is that Qigong is precious. Not only has it returned me to health,

but I feel an increasing stability which I have never known.
I also have the experience of a deep enjoyment and pleasure in doing the practice

that begins to envelop my living, thus my manic, erratic pattern relaxes.
I feel that because of Qigong I was given my life.
During my time in California your attention to Robert when he came to you with

advanced melanoma, garnered my respect and recognition of the power of qigong.

Robert's tumors visible as fist-like bulges in the groin seemed to shrink when you

worked with him. Prior to aggressive treatments he chose when he had strength

to practice Qigong his condition was level.
His descent came when he chose injections of Condriana. Only after his death

did a biochemist determine that Robert had suffered lethal bacterial infection.
This diagnosis you had given when he began his treatment.  His doctors had

rejected the suggestion, but you were the only one who correctly diagnosed the

I cannot express the degree of gratitude for myself, Robert and the many  friends

whom you have worked with who have improved their life through Qigong.
  Georgia Black
Editor's note: Georgia Black is now living in Jackson Hole, Wy., working as an

online personal consultant.



An Email from Eric Kralicek in response to Lasse from Sweden, asking about

qigong and an herb. Oldenlandia diffusa.

Lasse was sent to Redwood City, California to attend software seminar by his

company in Norway. While he was in Redwood City he came to study qigong in

his spare time to help his wife.

Eric Kralicek was an instructor and network expert at

California Polytechnic State University


Here is Eric's email.



I'm Eric, and my mother-in-law is the one Joe speaks of. I can not tell you

how much the herbs and Qigong helped her. While Sylvia (my mother-in-law)

was using the herbs and getting Qigong lessons from Joe, her health improved

dramatically. The doctors had told my wife to take her home and prop her

legs up 45 degrees and call the hospice.  But Joe insisted that we try the herbs

and came over on his own time to teach her Qigong. The doctors could not

believe she was still living and that the water in her lungs was going down.

Further, her ability to move around had improved. When we moved away

from Redwood City, Sylvia declined in health and the doctors could not save her.

I can not tell you how much we owe Joe for all his efforts. I would strongly recommend following his suggestions -- the herbs and Qigong do work well.

Editor Note: We heard that Sylvia passed away a year later due to blood clot.




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