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Sole of Foot Massage

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   按此看中文


Kneading, pressing and massaging techniques on the sole can be used to prevent and heal illnesses.

Commonly used techniques:

1). pressing: using the thumb or index finger to press repeatedly on yong quan and other points with strongest pressure that the patients can endure.

2). rubbing: using the thumb or heal of the palm or fingers to rub in circular motion in a fast and with slightly strong pressure until the sole become warm.

3). kneading: using the thumb or finger tips to knead back and forth on yong quan and other points.

Foot Massage techniques can be taught to the patients to do them themselves.

The more effective sole massage techniques include bu (enhancing) and xie (purging) with qi that takes long term training and can be draining for the practitioners.

According to the first medical text that specialized in external therapies, "ji jiu guang sheng ji" by Cheng Peng Cheng of Qing dynasty of China , massaging the soles of the feet a few hundred strokes to thousands of strokes until the soles become warm then go to bed will improve the circulation and can secure the essence of jin and keep the body healthy and prolong life.


Do not apply foot massage when the patients :

  • 1. have serious high blood pressure, or

  • 2. have heart diseases, or

  • 3. are during menstrual period or

  • 4. are pregnant, or

  • 5. have bleeding problems, or

  • 6. just finishing meal or  are very hungry

There are lymphatic dusts, blood vessels, and nerves at the bottom of the feet. Although feet are the strongest parts of the body but if too much force is being use during the massage, damages can be done to the feet.

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禁忌﹐ 有以下情形者﹐ 不可按摩涌泉穴﹕

  1. 血壓高者

  2. 有心臟病者

  3. 經期中

  4. 懷孕者

  5. 出血者

  6. 飯後或飢餓時

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