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si ni tang 四逆湯

Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Name of Formula: si ni tang              按此看中文

Application: cardiac exhaustion. It can improve the contraction of the heart muscles and improve the peripheral circulation. It did not show any obvious side effect when used with proper diagnosis.


 gan jiang 12 g, zhi gan cao 7.5 g, fu zi  12 to 19 g.

Soak fu zi in water until thoroughly wet then add gan jiang and zhi gan cao and simmer another half hour. Drink while warm.

Note: fu zi is cardiac stimulant.  Boiling it for long time will reduce its toxicity but also will lessen its effectiveness.

Combining this formula with tao hong si wu tang with niu xu, jie geng becomes xue fu zhu yu tang.

Caution: Use care in case of pregnancy.

 【方名】 四逆湯



清穀及霍亂吐瀉,或大汗出,心臟猝衰者。 用附子以回陽逐寒,



  處方: 乾薑三錢﹐炙甘 草二錢﹐附子三錢至五錢


註:附子有强心作用。久煎可降低其毒性,但是也降低其藥力。本方合桃紅四物湯牛膝桔梗 而成  血府逐瘀湯 

   注意: 慎用。

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