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si jun zi tang 四君子湯 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國編譯


Name of Formula: si jun zi tang (Source of formula: Tai Ping Hui min He ji Ju Fang )

Usage: for pixu and qixu condition ( weak digestive function with qi deficient)


ren shen 9 g, bai zhu 9 g, fu ling 9 g, zhi gan cao 6 g.

Boil with water. One package per day to be taken in two servings.

Note: si jun zi tang addsi wu tang  becomes ba zhen tangwhich is being used inqixu (qi deficient)  and blood deficient .When huang qi and rou gui are added to ba zhen tang, it is called shi quan da bu tang.



四君子湯 (太平和局方)《 太平惠民和剤局方 》


组成:人 參白 朮茯 苓,各 9甘草炙 6 克


注﹕四君子湯加四 物湯,名 八珍湯,能改善 狀。八 珍湯加上黃耆肉 桂,則成為十全大補湯

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