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shu jing huo xue tang 舒經活血湯 (in Chinese and English 中英文)


Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Name of Formula: shu jing huo xue tang  (Source: Wan Bing Hui Chun

Uses: for serous arthritis of the knees, lower back pain, sciatica, numbness in the lower limbs, edema of the legs.


bai shao 7.5 g , dang gui  7.5 g, sheng di huang  7.5 g , cang zhu  7.5 g , tao ren 7.5 g , niu xi niu xi 5.6 g, wei ling xian 5.6 g , chen pi  5.6 g, long dan cao 5.6 g , fu ling  7.5 g, chuan xiong 7.5 g, fang feng 5.6 g, qiang huo  5.6 g, fang ji 5.6 g , bai zhi 3.75 g , sheng jiang 5.6 g , gan cao 3.75 g . Make into decoction and use as tea.



  1. do not use guang  fang ji  which is toxic for the kidneys.

  2.  wei ling xian look very much like  gui jiu. gui jiu is toxic for the kidneys in large dosage or long term usage.


方名﹕舒經活血湯  (出處﹕萬病回春)




白芍二 錢當 歸二錢生地黃二錢蒼 朮桃仁牛膝錢 半威靈仙錢半陳 皮錢半龍膽草錢半茯 苓二錢川 芎 二錢防 己錢半羌活錢半 ,防 風 錢半白 芷一錢生 薑錢半甘 草一錢



  1. 不可用對腎臟有毒的廣 防己  。

  2. 威靈仙 形狀像鬼臼﹐(桃兒七)。容易 相混亂。鬼臼﹐(桃兒七) 對 腎臟有毒。多用或長期服用鬼臼可致腎臟衰竭。


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