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Shoulder Chronic Pain (bi), Acupuncture Therapy

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

See Diagnostics first.

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Body acupuncture

Prescription: use the channels/meridians of the affected areas and the trigger points. 

For xing bi, and heat bi, use filiform needles and apply shallow and xie method and pounding with skin needles can also be used.

For tong bi, use more moxibustion, deep needling and stay longer. If pain is severe qian needle and moxibustion with separated with slices of ginger can be used.

For zhao bi, acupuncture and moxibustion should be both applied or also use warm needling, skin needles and cuppings.


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Locations of Points:


  1. jian yu 肩禺 (LI-15): On Large Intestine Channel of Hand Yang Ming Jing,  in front and bellow to the acromion (The outer end of the scapula to which the collarbone is attached.), on the upper portion of m. deltoideus. When the arm is in full abduction, the point is in the depression appearing at the anterior border of the acromioclavicular joint. (M. deltoideus:A thick triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint, used to raise the arm from the side).

  2. jian liao 肩 (SJ-14 ): On  San Jiao Channel of Hand Shao Yang  Jing  on the shoulder, posterior to jian yu (LI-15), in the depression inferior and posterior to the acromion when the arm is abducted.      

  3. jian zhen 肩貞(SI-9): On Small Intestine Channel of Hand Tai Yang Jing, in posterior and inferior to the shoulder joint. When the arm is adducted, the point is 1 cun above the posterior end of the axillary fold.

  4. bi nao 臂(LI 14): On  Large Intestine Channel of Hand Yang Ming Jing, on the lateral side of the upper arm, on the line joining qu chi (LI-11) and jian yu (LI-15), 7 cun above qu chi (LI-11), at the insertion of m. deltoideus.

  5. tiao kou (S-38): On Stomach Channel of Foot Yang Ming Jing on 8 cun below du bi (S-35), and one finger breadth (middle finger) from the anterior border of the tibia.

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