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shi quan da bu tang 十全大補湯   (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu      按此看中文

Name of formula: shi quan da bu tang (Tai Ping Hui Min He Ju Ji Fang)

Application: general tonic, anti oxidant, anti cancer. Being used in: cold body due to qi and blood deficient, cold hand and feet due to yangxu (yang deficient), fatigue and weak after chronic illness or serious illness , chronic cough or symptoms of anemia, bleeding, cancer,  hemorrhoid, bone tuberculosis, lymphoma, leukemia, spermatorrhia, leukorrhea, freeze burns, cancer of the uterus, amenorrhea, breast cancer, beriberi after giving birth, polio, eyesight weakening, skin problem, fright, headache, weakening thinking ability, weak and stiff limbs, cold hands and feet (up to the elbows and knees), lack of appetite, vomiting.

Administration of shi quan da bu tang (pronounced as Juzen-taiho-to in Japanese) prevent hepatocellular carcinoma development.[3]


dang shen 3 qian,  bai zhu 3 qian, fu ling 4 qian,   zhi gan cao 1 qian, shu di huang 5 qian, dang gui 4 qian,  bai shao 4 qian, chuan xiong 1 qian, rou gui 1 qian,  huang qi 4 qian.

Boil with water and use as tea.


This formula is derived from ba zhen tang  with added rou gui and  huang qi.


1 qian = 3.75 grams (classical weight used by overseas Chinese)

This formula has been used as a tonic formula for centuries in China. According to various reports , it is effective in certain cancer therapy.


  1. Ulcer in lower legs: add ze xie, niu xi.

  2. Foot fungal secondary infection: add wu wei zi,. long gu.

  3. Tuberculous arthritis of the knees: add fang feng as main herb and add qiang huo, fu zi,  niu xi,  du zhong  according to the syndrome.


do not use this formula when

  • sickness is acute and serious, or

  • high fever, or

  • lack of appetite with diarrhea, or

  • in cases of yinxu (yin deficient)  with heat.

See shi quan da bu tang in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy by K. Sugiyama. In that writing, it summarizes an adjuvant therapy using the formula cis-platin and its derivatives, and mitomycin in laboratory animals.

This formula reduces side-effects of chemotherapeutic agents and radiation.[1]

It is a potent Chinese biological response modifier in cancer immunotherapy, potentiation and detoxification of anticancer drugs. [2]



[2] 1992 Nov;14(9):725-36.

See the research result:

Note: shi quan da bu tang is pronounced as Juzen-taiho-to in Japanese.


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In Chinese

方名﹕十 全大補湯 (太平惠民和局 劑方)

氣 血虛寒,陽虛手足冰冷。大 病後及慢性之虛弱疲勞 ,咳嗽或貧血諸種症 狀,各種出血 ,癌症 ,痔瘺 ,骨疽 ,骨結核 , 腎結核 ,瘰癘 ,白血病 ,夢精 ,帶下 ,脫疽 ,凍傷 ,子宮癌 ,閉經。乳癌 ,產後腳氣 ,小兒麻痺 ,視力減退 ,皮膚病 ,驚悸 ,頭疼 ,思考能力減退 ,四肢無力 與僵 硬 ,厥冷手 足發冷,冷至肘部和膝部 ,食慾不振 ,嘔吐等。

此藥方可減少化療藥物 和放療的副作用[1]
它是一個強大有力的傳統中藥方在腫瘤免疫治療,對抗癌藥物增強和解毒,生物反應調節劑。 [2]

服用十全大補湯可防止肝癌發生。 [3]

組 成﹕

黨 參 三 錢 , 白 朮 三 錢 , 茯 苓 四 錢 ,甘 草 一 錢 , 熟 地 黃 五 錢 , 當 歸 四 錢 , 白 芍 四 錢 , 川 芎 一 錢 ,黃 耆 四 錢 , 肉 桂 一 錢 後 下 。


加減 :

1.小腿潰瘍:加 澤 瀉牛 膝

2.足癬繼發感染:加 五味子龍 骨

3.鶴膝風 (結核關 節): 加 防風為主藥,

      根據症狀加 附 子牛 膝杜 仲


本方是八 珍湯加上黃 耆 肉桂 而成。


注意﹕如 病勢激烈,或高熱者,則不適用。

食慾減退或下痢者,亦不適用。 陰虛有 熱不可用。


[2] 1992 Nov;14(9):725-36.

[3] Evidence Reports of Kampo Treatment 2010; Task Force for Evidence Reports / Clinical Practice Guideline Special Committee for EBM, the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine

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