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Shenyangxu 腎陽虛

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu     按此看 中文     Click here to English only page.

Shenyangxu or kidney yang deficient is a term used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in describing certain condition of the body. When the condition of yang deficiency exist with shenxu (kidney deficient)  condition, it is called shenyangxu. Although shen means kidney, do not confuse with the anatomy term "kidney."

Shenyangxu patients can have:

  • low levels of cAMP

  • relatively high levels of cGMP

  • low levels of adrenocortical hormone

  • low levels of epinephrine & norepinephrine

  • incorrect levels of electrolyte, low level of sodium and high level of potassium.

  • incorrect levels of diuretic hormone and anti-diuretic hormone. Sometimes the diuretic hormone can be high and sometimes the antidiuretic hormone can be high.

  • over active parasympathetic nervous system

  • under active sympathetic nervous system

  • low levels of plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone

  • low levels of thyroid hormone, low or slow reaction to TRH test

  • circadian rhythms of 11-OHS abnormal  11-OHS


Clinical observation:

Weakness in the loins, and legs, cold lower part of the body (waist, legs and feet), tension in the lower abdomen, frequent urination or lack of urination, swollen tongue with pale coating, weak, slow pulse or deep and faint pulse in the che position (third position), phlegm retention syndrome, and flabby legs. Often chronic nephritis, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction,  advance stage of diabetes, parasympathetic nervous system disorder, senile dementia, and other chronic disorders or urinary dysfunction can accompany above mentioned syndrome.

The other extreme condition is shenyinxu.

Patients with shenyangxu condition are more susceptible to anaphylactic shock.

See herb formulae:you gui wan, ji sheng shen qi wan

A research paper on memory and shenyangxu condition (in Chinese)腎陽虛和腎陰虛型絕經期綜合征婦女記憶功能損害特征 中文


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cAMP is the abbreviation for cyclic adenosine mono phosphate, a cyclic nucleotide of adenosine that acts at the cellular level to regulate various metabolic processes and mediate the effects of many hormones; so it is also known as second messenger where hormones are the first messengers.

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  • 環單磷酸腺苷(cAMP)低 下

  • 環單磷酸鳥苷(cGMP) 偏高

  • 腎上腺皮質素低下

  • 腎上腺素,去甲腎上腺素低 下

  • 血鉀高,血鈉低

  • 抗利尿激素或利尿激素紊 亂。有時抗利尿激素高。有時利尿激素高 。

  • 副交感神經亢進。

  • 交感神經活動不足。

  • 血漿中的腎上腺皮質素低下。

  • 甲狀腺激素低下,或對TRH測驗反應低下。

  •  二十四小時周期不正常。


腎陽虚是中醫術 語。腎陽虚的腎與腎臟無關。 與腎上腺有關。道家稱之為命門缺火/ 或命門火虛。

癥狀:腰 腿無力, 下身(腰,腿,腳)發冷,小腹緊張,多 尿或尿少,舌胖苔白,脈緩深沉,尺脈無力,多痰,腿積水,慢性腎臟炎,性機能衰退,陽痿,糖尿病嚴重期,副交感神經紊亂,老 年性癡 呆,或并有其他慢性疾病。


看藥方:  右歸丸濟 生腎氣丸

註:cAMP是環單磷酸腺苷(cyclic adenosine mono phosphate)簡稱。 它在细胞内調整新陳代謝的過程與 調整多種 激素的作用。cAMP 亦稱第二個信使,激素是第一個信使。



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