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Rosacea  酒 渣 鼻


Acne rosacea.      按此看中文

Rosacea is a chronic inflammation of the skin of the face, especially of the nose and cheeks, with a red or rosy coloration. The red or rosy color is  caused by dilation of capillaries.

Possible causes:

  1. Microscopic skin mites (Demodex folliculorum) infection

  2. Helicobacter pylori (bacteria that cause peptic ulcer}

  3. Stress and emotional issues

  4. Digestive disorder

  5. Other skin infection

  6. Alcoholism

  7. Spicy food

  8. Cold or hot temperature stimulation

  9. qi stagnation or blood stasis

Drug: Finacea (azelaic acid 15 % gel)  is a  new drug of the last ten years approved by FDA for topical treatment of the inflammatory bumps and lesions of mild to moderate rosacea.

Azelaic acid can inhibit acne bacillus, block the formation of fatty acid, inhibit the melanin deposit on the skin that causes age spots and slow formation keratosis

Side effects,  include burning, stinging, tingling, or itching skin. Rarely, excessive facial hair growth may occur.  The side effects may go away during treatment.

Herb treatment: fang feng tong sheng san (防 風通聖散 )

酒 渣 鼻

本病的發生因 素 ﹕

  1. 毛囊形螨 感染

  2. 幽門螺旋桿菌(致胃潰瘍之細菌)

  3. 精神緊張和情绪 激動 ,

  4. 腸胃功能紊亂,

  5. 病灶感染,

  6. 酗酒,

  7. 嗜食辛辣食物,

  8. 冷風及高温刺激

  9. 氣滯  血淤   

螨虫有數 種 ,但寄生於人和動 物身上的,主要是一種叫毛 囊蠕型螨的小型螨虫類。 1981 年原上海第一醫學院寄生虫教研組在上海抽檢1524人,感染率達37.28%-86.58%。這麼高的感染率,說明很 多健康人皮膚上有蠕型螨,但不一定致病。 [2]
Finacea (15% 壬二酸)是 10多年來被批准用於酒渣鼻的第一種新藥被美國 FDA已批准可以用 來 治療輕,中度酒渣鼻的局部炎症性丘疹和 膿疱。壬二酸抑制皮膚上的痤瘡桿菌和阻斷脂肪酸生成,也能減緩角質細胞的生長, 阻斷黑色素的形成,可預防斑點形成,降低黑色素沉著。

中藥治療﹕ 防風通聖散

[2] 安 徽 省 ﹐省立醫院皮 膚科主任醫師﹐ 唐鴻珊

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