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ren shen yang rong tang 人參養榮湯

Edited and translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Name of Formula: ren shen yang rong tang (source: He Ju Ji Fang)

Application: for qixu and blood deficiency


bai shao 18 g, dang gui 15 g, chen pi 12 g, huang qi 30 g, rou gui 6 g, ren shen 15 g (boil first), bai zhu 15 g, zhi gan cao 9 g, shu di 15 g,  wu wei zi 12 g, fu ling 15 g, yuan zhi 9 g, he shou wu 30 g, dan shen 30 g, ji xue teng 30 g, sheng jiang 6 g, da zao 7 pieces. Add 1000 c.c. of water. Simmer till 200 ~ 300 c.c. Make into 2 serving. Drink while warm.

Adjustment: for insomnia and palpitation add bai zi ren15 g, mai dong 12 g. and using over the counter item: ren shen jian pi wan.  One pill each time . Three times a day.

: 人參養榮湯 (和濟局方)

主治: 氣虛血虛型


白芍18克﹐當歸15克﹐ 陳皮12克﹐黃耆30克﹐肉桂6克﹐人參15克(先煎)﹐白朮15克﹐炙甘草9克﹐熟地15克﹐ 五味子12克﹐茯苓15克﹐遠志9克﹐何首烏30克﹐丹參30克﹐雞血藤 30克﹐生薑6克﹐大棗7枚。

每日一劑。加水1000 毫升煎成200 至300 毫升。分二次溫服。

加減: 心悸﹐失眠者﹐柏子仁15克﹐麥門冬12克。加服中成藥﹐人 参健脾丸


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