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re jue (heat syncope) 熱厥  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated and edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國編譯


Re jue (heat syncope) is a traditional Chinese medical term describing a syndrome: high fever resulted from infection or toxin causes the hand and feet to be cold or even coma. It is also called yang jue.


According to the classics, "Weisheng Baojian" : "Although the hands and feet are cold, sometimes are warm, but the middle of the palms and soles are warm.  The pulse is deep but slippery to touch. Sometimes the patient dislikes heat, or feels thirsty and wants to drink water, or swinging arms and legs, irritable and can not  sleep, with constipation, red urine. Based on the severity of the syndromes, the following formulae can be selected:  bai hu tang, da cheng qi tang, shuang jie tang, , liang ge san".


According to the classics, "Za Bing Yuan Liu Xi Zu" : "The treatment for re jue in cases of hands and feet are hot, it is appropriate to use Xuan Huo Yu Tang, re jue with red wandering erysipelas use Sheng Yang San Huo Tang. If there is constipation, use da chai hu tang. If there is the syndrome of delirium and cold body, instant sweating and incontinent of urination, use Bai Hu Tang.


熱厥,病証名。因熱邪亢盛所致手足厥冷,甚至昏迷的病証 。一名陽厥。

《藥症忌宜》:陽厥即熱厥。其証四肢厥逆,身熱面赤,唇燥大渴 ,口乾舌苦,目閉或不閉,小便赤澀短少,大便燥結,不省人事。

《衛生寶鑒厥逆》:手足雖冷,有時或溫,手足心必暖,脈雖沉 伏,按之則滑,其証或畏熱,或渴欲飲水,或揚手擲足,煩躁不得眠,大便秘,小便赤,此名熱厥。古人所謂陽極發厥也。   根據病情輕重,選 用白虎湯, 大承氣湯, 雙解散,涼膈散。

《雜病源流犀燭諸厥源流》治熱厥手足獨熱者,用宣火郁湯;熱厥 兼游赤者,用升陽散火湯;便秘者,用 大柴 胡湯;譫語身冷,遺溺自汗者,用 白虎湯;煩渴躁妄,失於攻下而手足冷甚,但不過肘,或身冷而反見陰象者,用bai hu tang  白虎湯;婦人熱入血室,因 而發厥者,治以童便為君,加赤芍,生地,牛膝,丹皮,桃仁。本証見於急性傳染病或感染性熱病過程,或伴有中毒性休克,中毒性腦病等。參見陽厥,厥証條。


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