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qu yin yu xin dan  啟陰娛心丹

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Name of Formula: qu yin yu xin dan [source: bian zheng lun ]

Clinical symptoms:

Impotence, erection but lacking rigidity, palpitation, timid, sleeping shallowly, unhappy, fullness in chest area, tongue slightly red in color, pulse is xian-xi (stringy and thin).

Formula: qu yin yu xin dan [source: bian zheng lun ]

ren shen 6 g,  yuan zhi 2 g, fu shen,  9 g,  chang pu 6 g, gan cao 6 g, chen pi 3 g, sha ren 3 g, chai hu 6 g, tu si zi 9 g, bai zhu 9 g, suan zao ren  6 g, dang gui 6 g, bai shao 9 g, shan yao  9 g, shen qu 6 g.

Cook with water. One prescription a month. Make into

two servings. To be taken before meal.



方名:啟陰娛心丹 (辯證錄)

主治:陽痿,或起而不堅,心怯,心悸, 睡不安,神志不愉快,胸脅滿悶,舌淡紅,脈絃細。

吉林人參 6克, 遠志 2克, 茯神 9克, 菖蒲 6克, 甘草6克, 3克, 砂仁 3克, 柴胡 6克, 菟絲子 9克, 白朮 9克, 酸棗仁 6克, 當 歸 6克, 白芍 9克, 山藥 9克, 神麴 6克 。



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