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qing huang san 青黃散

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu             按此看中文

Name of Formula: qing huang san

(Available in pre-manufactured form in most herb stores)


Uses: for chronic myelogenous leukemia



Mix two herbs-- qing dai,  and xiong huang--at the ratio of 9:1.

Grind them into fine powder. Load the powder into capsules.



For inducing remission of chronic myelogenous leukemia:

take 6 to 14 g per day, divided into three servings and taken after meals.


For maintenance of remission of chronic myelogenous leukemia:

 take 3 to 6 g per day, divided into two or three servings and taken after meals.


Adjustments of Formula:

Adjust the formula according to the syndrome.

With obvious xue yu (blood clots), add ge xia zhu yu tang.

With qixu and xue xu (blood deficient), add ba zhen tang.

With piyangxu, add xiao jian zhong tang.



The clinical effectiveness of using this formula in conjunction with chemotherapy

has been documented by Zhou Ai Xiang at the Xi Yuan Hospital, part of the

Beijing Chinese Medicine Research Institute as follow:


Total patients: 25

Compete remission: 18 (72%)

Partial remission: 7 (28%)


Typically, after 10.1 days, the sizes of the spleens started to shrink. In 11.4 days, the symptoms had either subsided or disappeared.


xiong huang

The active ingredient of xiong huang (realgar) is arsenic sulfite (As2S3).

Calcination of xiong huang can change the substance into highly toxic arsenic trioxide. (As2O3)



功能主治﹕消腫散淤﹐涼血解毒。治慢性粒細胞性白 血病。

青黛 9 份﹐雄 黃 1 份。研細末。裝膠囊。誘導緩解劑量為每日6 ~14 克。分三次飯後服。維持緩解劑量為每天3 ~ 6 克。分二次飯後 服。


病人共25人。完全緩解18例 (72%)。部份 緩解7例(28%)。用藥後症狀明顯好轉或消失時間為11.4天。平均10.1天脾臟開始縮小。


注 意﹕


最近研究發現台灣地區絕大部分中 藥店所使用之青黛
皆為色素,不含任何有效成分,需全面檢討。 [4]

編者以為這種情形到處可發生。最好先經過化驗後才 用。


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