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qiang huo sheng shi tang 羌活勝濕湯     (in English and Chinese 中英文)


Translated and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu           按此看中文


Name of Formula: jiang huo sheng shi tang (Source: Nei Wai Shang Bian Huo Lun)


Application:   For chronic morning diarrhea with pixu and shenyangxu syndromes.



qiang huo, du huo 6 grams each; gao ben, fang feng, zhi gan cao, chuan xiong 3 grams each; man jing zi 2 grams. Boil herbs with water. Take as tea.


Adjustment to the formula:

  1. If the diagnosis is shenyangxu, the treatment should be using warming and astringent formula.

  2. If the diagnosis is primarily pixu and secondarily shenyangxu, then  add the following to the formula:   bai zhi, sheng ma, ge gen, cang zhu, bai zhu, bai shao.


Adjust the formula according to diagnosis.




藥方名:羌活勝濕湯 (內外傷辨惑論)


主治五 更溏瀉 而有腎 陽虛證者。


組成:羌 活 獨 活 各六克﹐ 防風炙 甘草川 芎 各三克﹐

蔓荊子二 克。水煎服。


加減:如主證是﹐ 次證是 腎陽虛﹐ 可 加以下 各味藥﹕

白芷 升麻葛 根蒼 朮白 芍


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