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qi fu yin  七福飲


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu             按此看中文


Name of formula: qi fu yin (source: Jin Yue Quan Shu)

Application: vascular dementia

Composition: ren shen 6 g, shu di huang 9 g,  dang gui 9 g,  bai zhu 6 g,  zhi gan cao 3 g, suan zao ren 6 g, yuan zhi 1 g

If there is impotence (male), add: tu si zi 12 g, bu gu zhi 12 g, sheng jiang 3 to 5 slices.

Boil with 400 c.c. of water. and simmer till 280 c.c. is left.  One prescription a day, make into 2 servings. Drink it while warm during empty stomach.

To be taken with before meals.

Note: vascular dementia can be classified into:

  1. multi-infarct dementia,
  2. large area infarct dementia
  3. vascular dementia due to a strategic single infarct,
  4. vascular dementia due to lacunar lesions,
  5. Binswanger disease (subcortical arteriosclerosis disease),
  6. mixed dementia (combination of AD and vascular dementia).

Vascular dementia is sometimes further classified as cortical or subcortical dementia.

If it is mixed dementia of combination of AD and vascular dementia, the Alzheimer's disease has to be addressed also.

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藥方名:七福飲  (方源:金岳全書)





人参 6 g, 熟地黄 9 g,  歸 9 g,  白 朮 g,  炙甘草 3 g, 酸棗仁 6 g, 遠志 1 g


如有陽痿: 加 菟丝子 12 g, 骨脂 12 g,  生姜 3 片。







  1. 多梗塞性痴呆 (Multi-infarct dementia,MID),

  2. 大面積腦梗塞性痴呆,

  3. 關鍵部位單一梗塞性痴呆,

  4. 皮層下動脈硬化性腦病(現通稱 Binswanger病)

  5. 出血性痴呆(指腦出血後造成的痴呆),

  6. 混合型痴呆症 (阿滋海默症與血管性痴呆症)


如果是混合型痴呆症 ,即阿滋海默症與血管性痴呆症, 阿滋海默症也必须處里。


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