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 bao ji wan (Po Chai Pills) 保濟丸

  by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


This is one of the non-classical pre-manufactured herb that has been in existence for more than a hundred years. The ones manufactured in Mainland did not pass the Food and Drug Administrations  of Taiwan, Singapore and Canada. The ones manufactured in Hong Kong did.


diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, influenza, fever, headache, cold with cough, asthma with abundance of phlegm, infection type of diarrhea, different types of dysentery, parasites in children, food in windpipes, burping acid, effect of alcohol intoxication, indigestion, dizziness in travel.


ju hua 132 mg,  hou po 294 mg  cang zhu  332 mg,  tin hua feng  238 mg, guang huo xiang 332 mg, fu ling 560 mg, bo he 172 mg,  hua ju hong 132 mg,   yi yi ren 294 mg, ge gen 294 mg,shen qu 294 mg,  chi shi zhi 132 mg, gu ya 238 mg, bai zhu 332mg.


Some of the Po Chai Pills produced in mainland China also contain: gou teng mu xiangji li , bai zhi.


Note: In mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore, Po Chai Pills has been recalled because it is tested with phenolphthalein and Sibutramine. Po Chai Pills is banned in Taiwan.


保濟丸 (香港制造的)


腹瀉、嘔、肚痛、各種痧症、四 時感冒、身熱、頭痛、傷風咳嗽、氣喘痰多、感染性腹瀉及各種痢症、小兒疳積, 噎食、打嗝吐酸,酒醉、食滯、舟車暈浪等。


菊花 132 mg,  厚 樸 294 mg  蒼 朮   332 mg,  天 花 粉  238 mg, 廣藿 香 332 mg, 茯 苓 560 mg, 薄荷 172 mg,  化橘紅 132 mg,   薏苡仁294 mg, 葛 根 294 mg,

神麴 294 mg,  赤 石脂 132 mg, 穀芽238 mg, 白 朮 332mg.


有些在 大陸生產的也含有其他 藥材如: 鉤藤 木香, 蒺藜, 白芷等。

保濟丸在中國大陸,香港與新加 玻曾被衛生局下令收回,因為被檢出其含有酚 酞西 布曲明。在台灣則被禁。


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