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Taught by : Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Recorded by : Peter Croke (Peter Croke is a RN in S.F.)

Nine Preliminary exercises: 

Breathing on these exercises should be natural.  The monotony of the  movements will lead to a meditative state.

Rotating the arms:

Stand with one leg bent at the knee and forward so that you cannot see the foot.  Rotate the arm on the side of the bent leg in a circular motion by raising the arm in front with palm up.  The other hand is placed on the hip.  Rotate the arm  and then repeat on the other side.

Pulling the water from the well:

Stand with feet a bit more than shoulder width apart.  Place one hand with the external palace of labor touching between the kidney shu (shen shu, B23).  The other arm comes up over the head in a circular motion and down to the opposite leg to the ankle area the external palace of labor facing the leg.  The body is facing that leg and the leg is somewhat outstretched.


The eagle regrets the heavens do not have rings to hold on to:

Stand with feet shoulder width apart.  Place one hand close to the chest but not touching with the palm facing the ground.  Keep the fingers together.  The other hand reaches up to the sky with the palm facing inward and raise straight up in the air.  Repeat this exercise and then repeat on the other side.

Carrying the yoke:

Stand with feet a little more than shoulder width apart.  Bend both knees and drop both hands (do not touch the floor). (Be careful not to use the back by bending forward).  Make sure the hands are one on each side of the knee.  Stand back up straight and turn the upper body to one side keeping the in place facing front.  Stretch the arms out as if you were carrying a long stick over the neck..  Repeat this on the same side but when you rise turn to the other side and outstretch the arms. Repeat this exercise with the other side.


Washing the face:

Place one foot in front of the body with the knee bent.  The other leg remains under the body.  The legs are shoulder width apart.  The hands are pulled down over the face in a circular motion, (counter clockwise), one after the other without touching the face.  The palms are facing inward and hands and fingers should be flat with all fingers touching.  Repeat this.  When ready switch the leg position and repeat the exercise.

Brining the horse back to the trough:

Place feet shoulder width apart and rotate the arms in a circular motion (counter clockwise).  Bring the arms to the fromt of the chest and make two fists.  Bring them together and have them face each other but not touching.  This should be done each rotation and the rotation should be with hands open and a big circle.


Rolling the straw rope:

Rub the soft spot between the shoulder and the breast bone in a circular motion several times.  Message the arm on the inside down to the hand.  Use the other hand with fingers closed and hand open to outline the hand and arm without touch the arm.  Bring that hand up the arm and around the shoulder to the soft spot between the shoulder and the breast bone and message in a circular motion.  Repeat this exercise and then switch sides.


Black cow turning itís head:

Stand with feet a bit more than shoulder width apart. With the hands one above the other and the palace of labor facing inward (directly in front of the chest), bring the hands one diagonally above the shoulder and  the other diagonally below the opposite hip.  Turn the head so the it is facing the back with the chin above the shoulder and then  repeat on the other side.


Grinding the tofu:

Stand with one foot in front of the body and the knee bent so you cannot see your foot.  The other foot should be in back of the body and most of the weight of the body is on the back leg.  The back knee should also be bent like you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Place one hand on the hip and the other is placed in front of the body with the palace of labor facing downward.  Rotate the hand in a circular motion clockwise and then counter clockwise. Switch hands but keep the legs in the same position.  When finished switch sides.






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